Want to find out more about buying electricity through Powerdirect? You can choose between two main types of contract, and you can choose solar power too if you live in certain states. There is also the option to support their commitment to renewable energy through your choice of energy plan.

Powerdirect is an electricity supplier specialising in both business and residential electricity, including renewable energy and solar energy options. Powerdirect energy plans are available to customers in VIC, NSW, SA and QLD.

They were bought by AGL Energy in 2007, which gives them access to a much wider range of electricity options for their customers.

Powerdirect Energy Plans

If you live in VIC, NSW, SA or QLD, you can look at your options and see if there is a Powerdirect energy plan that works for you.

With a Powerdirect energy plan, you can choose to have either a market contract or a Standard Retail Contract (which are governed by state energy regulators). For residential electricity, they tend to be 2 year contracts and can vary depending on the type of meter you have and when you typically use electricity the most, for example.

Powerdirect Renewable Energy

For customers who want to support renewable energy, Powerdirect have a GreenPower energy plan. In buying a GreenPower product, you can guarantee that a set amount of your electricity usage comes from GreenPower approved power sources and is put into the electricity grid, and this can be up to 100%.

Powerdirect Solar Energy

If you live in NSW, VIC, SA or QLD, you can opt in for solar energy too.

Any electricity you generate through solar power is used in your home first, then any extra is fed back into the electricity grid and earns a feed-in tariff per kWh. Tariff rates vary from 5 cents per kWh in VIC to 6.8 cents per kWh in SA.

Powerdirect Electricity Bills

You can pay your Powerdirect energy bill in a number of different ways: via Direct Debit, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), Bpay, phone, mail or Post Billpay.

How often you will be sent electricity bills from Powerdirect depends on the type of contract you have. For example, under some residential contracts, they only send bills every 3 months.

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