Dodo Power and Gas


Are you thinking about choosing Dodo Power and Gas as your electricity and/or gas supplier?

Dodo started out as a VIC based energy supplier but have expanded their reach to include NSW, SA and the southeast part of Queensland. Dodo sells electricity in all of these areas but gas is only available to some residential customers in VIC and NSW.

Dodo Energy Plans

They offer discounts for paying your Dodo electricity bills on time, and this is one of their big selling points for Dodo as an electricity and gas supplier.

Dodo is part of the Vocus Group, which means that customers can benefit from the convenience of being able to manage a range of services through one company, including electricity, gas, home phone, mobile, broadband Internet and insurance.

Dodo Electricity

The discounts available to Dodo customers vary depending on your state:

  • In SA, customers can get 25% off their electricity usage
  • In southeast QLD, customers can get 15% off electricity usage
  • In VIC, customers can bundle their electricity and gas together and get 30% off electricity usage and 20% off gas usage
  • In NSW, customers can bundle electricity and gas and get 20% off electricity usage and 20% off gas usage

The Flex Plan offers free electricity for customers in VIC between 6am and 7am every day as another way Dodo makes electricity more affordable for its customers.

There are no fixed contracts with a Dodo energy plan.

Dodo Gas

If you live in VIC and NSW, you have the option to choose Dodo as your gas supplier. Bundling together electricity and gas with Dodo is not only convenient; as mentioned previously, it is also another way to cut your energy costs by receiving discounts on both.

Dodo Energy Bills

There is a flexible approach to Dodo energy bills. If you’re struggling with your energy bills, you don’t need to pay everything in one go. Dodo can estimate your bills and allow you to pay in periodic instalments. This can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

For market contracts, Dodo estimates your energy bills based on your typical electricity and/or gas usage and bill you in monthly instalments.

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