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Make it Cheaper is one of Australia’s leading business energy brokers


Make it Cheaper identify real savings by comparing energy bills against their panel of up to 11 leading retailers

Average savings identified for a SME business are $950*


8 out of 10 Australians pay too much for their energy


We’ve helped Aussie Businesses and Homes save over $13 million since January 2016**


Make It Cheaper score 4.5 out of 5 on Product Review (Over 400 reviews)

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Q: How does work? A: We bring together a network of energy suppliers and compare their offered rates on different electricity and gas plans. We put the power in your hands to decide which price is the best and provide the switching service free of charge. Simple!

Q: How much does it cost to switch? A: At, we do not charge any fees for the use of our comparison tools or for speaking to our energy advisors. Your existing supplier might have contractual terms that may stipulate exit fees – we recommend you check with your current supplier to clarify.

Q: Do electricity prices vary from state to state? A: Yes they do! Depending on the rates set by your state’s suppliers, electricity prices can vary significantly.

Q: Why should I switch? A: By comparing energy plans, you can easily find which suppliers are cheapest on the market, allowing you make the switch and save big on your electricity and gas bill.

Q: Can anyone change suppliers?A: As it currently stands, residents of ACT, NSW, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria can choose their electricity and gas suppliers. Residents of Tasmania can currently select their gas supplier in some areas, but only have access to one electricity supplier, Aurora Energy.

For more information on your options in Tasmania, go to the TasGas website

Q: Why are there so many suppliers? A: Due to the government’s recent easing of laws regarding competition policy in energy markets, Australia has seen a mass increase in suppliers, meaning greater competition and more competitive rates for Australian consumers.