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Are you thinking about choosing Sumo Power as your electricity supplier? They offer a range of energy plans for their customers, and are committed to providing low prices. They are 100% Australian owned and pride themselves on their customer service.

Sumo Power Energy Plans

All You Can Eat

The innovative All You Can Eat option is one of the Sumo Power electricity plans that has attracted attention. This plan allows Sumo Energy customers in VIC to make just the one payment for the year and use as much power as they need for 12 months. This cost is based on a tailored price for your specific home energy needs.

For customers not based in VIC, you can choose another Sumo Power energy plan:

You can get 27% off your electricity usage for 24 months for paying their Sumo Power electricity bills on time, plus an extra 5% bonus discount for the first 12 months of the plan. There are no cancellation fees or fixed term contract associated with this plan, and customers will receive monthly bills.

Alternatively, you can choose to get 30% off your electricity usage for 24 months if you pre-pay. There is also a 6% discount for the first 12 months of the plan. Customers are billed monthly on this plan, and there are no cancellation fees or fixed contracts if you decide to change energy supplier in the future.

Sumo Power Solar Energy

If you are a VIC based customer who already has solar energy in their home and are currently getting a premium feed-in tariff or a transitional feed-in tariff, Sumo Power will also pay this if you switch to them (until the scheme ends).

Other eligible solar PV customers can get 5 cents per kWh from the excess solar energy that they produce and feed back into the electricity grid.

Sumo Power Energy Bills

Customers can pay their Sumo Power energy bills online with their credit card (Mastercard, VISA and American Express are accepted), via Direct Debit, through BPay or over the phone.

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