Origin Energy

  • Origin Energy offers energy plans to customers in NSW, VIC, QLD, ACT, SA, and WA (gas only). Plans include electricity, gas, and solar for residential and business customers.
  • Origin Energy has a focus on renewable energy and reducing their environmental impact. The company has committed to halving its carbon emissions by 2032.
  • Energy plans include the Origin Maximiser, Bill Saver, Origin Saver, and Solar Boost. The plans offer different discount levels for actions such as paying on time or paying through direct debit.

Origin Energy provides four main residential plans which cover both cover gas and electricity. It also has a solar plan, business plans, and green energy add-ons. All but the Predictable Plan have no exit fees or lock-in contracts. Other than that, the primary difference between plans is in the payment structure.

Origin Maximiser

This plan offers the highest discount level, but only one method of payment. You must pay by direct debit and agree to receive all bills and correspondence via email. This is a great option for customers who are comfortable with online billing.

The following discounts apply to Origin usage charges when you pay by direct debit and sign up online. Discounts apply for 12 months from the start date and were correct at the time of publication.

*When you pay by direct debit and sign up for gas and electricity together.

Bill Saver

This plan offers guaranteed discounts and typically suits customers who use low levels of energy. Choose from several payment options, including direct debit, credit card, bank account, or manual payment. You can also choose if you’d like your bills to come by emails or by post.

The following discounts apply to Origin supply and usage charges for 12 months from the start date:

Origin Saver

With Origin Saver, you get a discount for paying your bills on time. This plan has flexible payment and billing options.

The following discounts apply to Origin usage charges when you pay in time and sign up online. Discounts apply for 12 months from the start date.

*When you pay on time and sign up for gas and electricity together.

Solar Boost

Get a higher feed-in tariff through the Solar Boost plan, which has multiple payment and billing options. For information on feed-in tariffs, see the Solar Info section below.

The following discounts apply to Origin usage charges for 12 months from the start date:

Predictable Plan

This plan is ideal for customers who don’t like having a fluctuating energy bill throughout the year. With the Predictable Plan, you’ll pay the same amount for your electricity and natural gas for 12 months.

Origin looks at your energy usage for the last year and customises a price for you based on past usage, time of year, and the way you heat and cool your home. Bills are due either monthly or fortnightly.

Green Energy

Origin Energy also offers green energy plans as an add-on to your regular plan. By paying a fee, customers can reduce their environmental impact.

  • GreenPower: From $2 per week, put accredited renewable energy into the grid
  • GreenGas: From $1 per week, offset your greenhouse gas emissions

Business Plans

Origin Energy can provide power and gas to small businesses with its Business Saver, Business Bill Saver, and Business Solar Boost Plans. Rates and discounts vary by state.


Origin Energy offers discounts through its energy plans, which vary by location. Here are some examples of discounts currently available from Origin Energy. Note that these discounts are already bundled into the quoted discounts for each plan.

  • QLD: Get a $50 credit (including GST) per fuel on your first electricity and/or natural gas bill when you sign up online to Origin Maximiser or Origin Saver.
  • VIC: Extra 1% discount off usage charges when you sign up online for Origin Maximiser.
  • NSW: Get an extra 2% discount when you sign up online for Origin Maximiser or Origin Saver.
  • ACT: Get an extra 11% off when you sign up for electricity and gas together with Origin Maximiser and an extra 13% for Origin Saver.

Origin Energy has won several awards for its performance, including:

  • 2017 AHRI Awards – Elizabeth Broderick AO Workforce Flexibility Award
  • 2017 Global Equity Organisation (GEO) conference – Best Use of Technology
  • 2017 Mozo Experts Choice Awards – NSW Best Value Electricity, Origin Energy Maximiser

It has also doubled down on sustainability, having made a formal commitment to halving its carbon emissions by 2032. Origin was also the first company in Australia to gain approval from the International Science Based Target Initiative for its decarbonisation target.

Origin Energy has several options for customers interested in solar energy and battery storage. Purchase a solar package with Origin and you can either pay upfront (after installation) or through a 24-month interest-free payment plan with $0 deposit.

If you buy an eligible solar system through Origin, you can also access the Solar Boost Plus plan, which gets you a feed-in tariff of up to 20 cents. Terms and conditions apply.

For customers who already have solar power, Origin has a range of plans incorporating solar, electricity, and natural gas. Solar power is available with the following plans:

  • Origin Maximiser
  • Bill Saver
  • Origin Saver (QLD only, 7 c/kWh feed-in tariff)
  • Solar Boost

Solar plans offer different levels of feed-in tariffs and vary by state.

Pay your Origin Energy bill through the following methods:

  • Online with a Visa or MasterCard
  • Direct Debit
  • BPAY
  • Mail
  • In Person at Australia Post

Note that if you are an Origin Maximiser customer, you must pay your bill via direct debit.

Origin Energy also has a program called Power On, which is designed for customers who are struggling to pay their energy bill. Power On helps eligible customers keep their power on when times are tough.

Origin Energy makes it simple to move house. For a new connection, simply sign up online. Sign up before 1pm and you can get your electricity connected on the next business day. Natural gas can take up to three days to connect. You’ll also receive SMS updates on the progress of your connection.

If you’re already an Origin customer, they can arrange to disconnect power from your old house. If you’re disconnecting from a different energy retailer, you’ll need to contact that company to arrange the disconnection.

A disconnection or connection fee of between $20 and $100 may apply depending on where you live and where you are moving to. This fee is set by your distributor and passed on to the customer.

Phone: 13 24 61 (electricity and gas)
Address: 264 George St, Sydney, NSW 2000
Website: www.originenergy.com.au
Twitter: @originenergy