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  • People Energy is an electricity provider for customers in Victoria. They have plans to expand to other states in the future.
  • There are two residential and business plans for Victorian customers. These plans are the ‘on-time saver’ plan and the ‘total saver plan’.
  • There aren’t any specific solar offers from People Energy, and they observe the standard Victorian feed-in tariff rate.

People Energy is currently only operational in Victoria. They have standing rates in New South Wales and South Australia, but no available market contracts at this time.

This energy retailer is relatively new to the market, but they report plans to expand their services to reach other states shortly. Residents of New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland should keep an eye out for changes, as People Energy will be looking to bring market contracts to these locations in the coming months.

Electricity Plans

As of now, People Energy only offers electricity to their customers. They have two plans: the on-time saver and total saver.

Both of these policies include no contract and no early termination fee. You can choose to leave People Energy whenever you like without incurring any additional fee from them.

In addition to the flexible perk, both electricity plans from People Energy observe the “Match or Better” policy. As the name suggests, you can bring them a competitor’s price, and they will either match the price or beat it.

On-Time Saver

The on-time saver package offers Victorian customers 20% off their usage charges when they pay their bill on time and in full. You can choose to receive paper or electronic billing with this energy plan.

Although People Energy is flexible with their billing system, direct debit payments are preferred. As an incentive, they offer an additional 2% discount on usage charges for setting up direct debit payments.

Total Saver

The total saver is the second plan Victorian customers can purchase from People Energy. This plan comes with an 18% discount and the same conditions as the on-time saver above. You must pay your bill on time and in full to receive this discount.

Total saver plan savings come off both supply and usage charges, as opposed to the on-time saver package which offers savings off usage alone. You can also receive an additional 2% discount on usage charges by choosing to pay your bills via direct debit.

Business Plans

The on-time saver and total saver residential plans have business counterparts as well. Business customers can select monthly or quarterly billing, and receive no contract terms or early termination fees similar to residential customers.

The on-time saver provides a 35% discount on usage charges, and the total saver gives business customers 30% off their usage and supply charges. Like residential plans, you must pay on time and in full to receive the savings.

People Energy is a relatively new energy retailer and doesn’t currently offer any discounts or competitions for new or existing customers, apart from on-time payment discounts from their plans.

Of course, residential customers can receive a 2% usage charge discount when they set up direct debit through People Energy.

Price Match

The other notable savings method from People Energy is their price match feature. You can take a competitor’s electricity price to a People representative, and have the price beaten or matched.

Proof of the deal will be required to receive it. Once you provide with satisfactory information, the representatives will do their own research to find out whether or not this competing plan will save you money on your electricity bill.

If it will, they’ll do their best to keep your business by matching or beating the plan.

The performance of People Energy slightly difficult to discern due to the company relatively new status. They are strong in the customer support department, with local representatives available to help customers for longer hours in comparison to much of the competing Victorian companies.

Their electricity offerings are simple to understand, and their price match policy means you’re unlikely to find a better deal elsewhere.

People Energy’s weakest area is in their environmental energy department – or lack thereof. They don’t have any sustainable energy plans that cut emissions or specific solar policies for customers with solar panels.

While People Energy is a competitive electricity provider for Victorian residents and businesses, they probably won’t be the best option for customers with solar panels or an interest in installing them.

Solar Info

There are currently no solar-specific plans offered through People, but they observe the standard Victorian rate for a feed-in tariff. You can access the up-to-date information on the Victorian feed-in tariff here.

Renewable energy isn’t People’s strong suit, so if you have solar panels on your house you’re unlikely the get the best rate through this provider. Make sure to compare your plans, though, as the savings with People Energy may be stronger in other areas.

People Energy provides customers with a variety of ways to pay their bills. Keep in mind, though, that you’ll receive an additional 2% discount on your usage charges if you choose to pay with direct debit.

Moving homes with People Energy is simple. All you have to do is visit their website, fill out their online form with your name, email address, phone number and new address, and they’ll get you set up.

You can alternatively call the People Energy customer service line if doing so is easier for you. Make sure you have your customer information and new home address ready when you call.
You can also switch to People Energy if you’re moving to Victoria by filling out an online form or contacting their customer service phone line.

People Energy requests that you inform them of your move at least three business days before your move-in day. This will be enough time to get everything set up with your new address. If you’re moving in sooner than three business days, call them, and they’ll do their best to meet your deadline on short notice.

Website: peopleenergy.com.au
Customer Support Form: https://peopleenergy.com.au/contact-us.php

Post Address:

  • Locked Bag 5757,
  • Melbourne GPO VIC 3000

Residential Care Number: 1300 788 970
Business Care Number: 1300 780 025

  • 8:30am – 7:30pm AEST