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Momentum Energy is proud to be 100% Australian owned and operated, with all of their staff based in Australia. Momentum Energy is owned by Hydro Tasmania, the largest generator of renewable energy in Australia.

This means all of their profits go back into making sure that renewable energy in Australia has a brighter future. When consumers buy their SmilePower energy plan, they promise that it will generate the same amount of renewable energy in the National Electricity Market in that calendar year.

Momentum Energy Plans

Momentum Energy supply electricity to consumers in NSW, QLD, SA, ACT and VIC. If you live in one of these states, you can compare Momentum energy plans to see what your Momentum energy bill would look like.

Momentum is both an electricity and gas supplier in VIC. Due to the high usage of natural gas in VIC, you have the option to include a Momentum gas plan as part of your energy plan. They sell natural gas to both homes and businesses so you can compare all the products and Momentum energy plans available in VIC to find the one that best suits your needs.

Momentum Solar Energy

Given that Momentum Energy are owned by the largest generator of renewable energy, it is no surprise that they are committed to offering renewable forms of energy. They support solar energy in both NSW and VIC.

Households and small businesses in these states can receive credits on their Momentum energy bills of 7 cents for every kWh of electricity that goes back into the National Electricity Market as a result of the solar energy they produce.

Eligibility for this in NSW includes being classed as a “small” customer by Momentum Energy, having an electricity supply contract with Momentum Energy that is also a market retail contract, and having a solar generator that is a “Complying Generator”.

Momentum Renewable Energy

Momentum Energy customers have the choice of joining a SmilePower energy plan. This does not actually involve using renewable energy in your home or business; instead, you can be confident that you are supporting Momentum Energy to drive profits back into renewable energy so you are doing your bit to help out.

This plan allows Hydro Tasmania (or another electricity generator) produces roughly the same amount of renewable energy in the National Electricity Market per calendar year as your SmilePower bill.

Momentum Energy Bills

You can pay your Momentum electricity bills by Direct Debit and there are discounts for doing so. Other options include paying by phone, mail, BPAYⓇ, Australia Post Bill Pay and Centrepay.

Likewise, consumers in VIC can pay their Momentum gas bills in the same ways.

Momentum electricity bills are sent either monthly or quarterly whereas Momentum gas bills are sent every other month.

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