Mojo Energy


Are you thinking about choosing Mojo Power as your energy supplier? They are a new addition to the Australian energy market and are retailing to customers in NSW and QLD.

They have a unique approach to selling energy, which is being backed by Southern Cross Venture Partners, Soft Bank China Capital and the Australian Renewable Energy Agency.

Mojo Electricity

Unlike most of their competitors, Mojo Energy are looking to shake up the energy market by avoiding energy plans and encouraging customers to sign up for a subscription based service called an EnergyPass™.

This gives you access to wholesale electricity rates which are unique to Mojo Energy and are not available with any other energy supplier in Australia.

Their approach to energy is based on their belief that energy suppliers should not make a profit on the energy they sell to customers. They pride themselves on not marking up energy prices and hence allow their customers to enjoy bigger savings.

There are three EnergyPass™ options:

Basic EnergyPass™

Basic EnergyPass™ is the cheapest option and it gives you access to wholesale electricity rates. It costs $35 per month if you prefer to pay monthly or $240 per year as an annual payment.

Plus+ EnergyPass™

This is the mid range option and it gives you the same access to wholesale electricity rates but also includes an upgrade to a Smart Meter that gives you the opportunity to monitor your energy usage through your smartphone.

Premium EnergyPass™

This option gives you access to wholesale electricity rates and an upgrade to a Smart Meter and also includes telephone support. Customers on the Basic and Plus+ options can contact Mojo Energy via live support on their website but are not eligible for telephone support.

Whichever option you choose, it is more affordable to pay per year rather than per month. This effectively gives you four months free under the pay per year model.

There are no fixed contracts or exit fees associated with any EnergyPass™.

Solar customers get access to the same wholesale electricity rates as non-solar customers.

Mojo Power Energy Bills

Mojo Power has a paperless approach to billing, and you can receive your Mojo Power energy bills by email or SMS.

If you have a Plus+ EnergyPass™ or Premium EnergyPass™ you can monitor your energy usage on your mobile phone in real time as a result of the Smart Meter upgrade. This makes it really easy to check how much energy is being used in the home and keep track of the Mojo Energy energy bills.

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