Mojo Energy

  • Mojo Power is a unique electricity retailer available in Queensland and NSW. They charge a flat monthly or yearly fee in place of markup fees on your electricity rates.
  • This payment system allows Mojo a different perspective in being more relaxed regarding the amount of electricity its consumers use. The company provides special offers to customers who decrease their energy usage during peak months.
  • Mojo offers some of the most competitive solar feed-in tariffs in the market, further encouraging people to move away from the electricity grid as their main source of power.

Mojo Power is unique in the way that it deals with billing. Most energy companies mark up their prices before sending them to customers. This strategy is how most of the big (and small) energy retailers in Australia garner profit.

Mojo gains their money in an alternative way. Contrasting to the above method, they charge a flat service fee annually or monthly that covers a customer’s energy usage for their desired time period.

This retailer works a bit more like a subscription service than a comparable energy retailer. Since they don’t make money on increased energy usage, they aim to limit the amount of money their customers pay on each bill.

Electricity Plans

Mojo is only available to residents of New South Wales and Southeast Queensland. There are two similar plans available through Mojo Power:

  • Mojo Connect

    The Mojo connect plan is the standard monthly contract from Mojo. It offers $0 in upfront fees, no specified term and no exit fees. Your electricity prices are variable here, and you can access your monthly bill through your MyMojo portal.

    As is the case with both Mojo plans, there is a 0% markup on your electricity usage, so you pay what Mojo pays. Most other energy retailers add a markup to increase their profits. Mojo does not.

    Mojo will also provide you with a smart meter if you don’t already have one. Smart meters allow energy providers to read your meters remotely, meaning you’ll never have to face the unsurety of an estimated bill.

  • Mojo EnergyPass

    The Mojo EnergyPass plan is the annual version of the Mojo connect. This plan has a $360 upfront fee but comes with an additional perk in the form of Mojo points.

    You’ll receive ‘Mojo points’ if you sign up for this plan, which translate into monthly savings on your energy bill. Other than that, the terms of the EnergyPass plan are about the same as the Mojo Connect plan. There are no exit fees, no term, and a 0% markup.

    Keep in mind, though, that the $360 entry fee is non-refundable. There aren’t any exit fees, but you’ll still lose your initial investment if you decide to leave before the year ends.

The only discount Mojo Power offers comes in the form of their Mojo Points. You can gain these points by purchasing the Mojo EnergyPass plan, and they translate to savings on your energy bill when you make payments.

If you exit the plan early, though, you’ll lose your points and what you’ve already paid. Other than that, there aren’t any pay-on-time or direct debit discounts with Mojo Power.

On the other hand, Mojo Power doesn’t necessarily want you to spend more money on your electricity bill. Their 0% markup means they don’t make a profit when your energy usage rises, which puts them in the unique position of wanting to help you lower your energy consumption.

Although this isn’t a strict discount, Mojo will help you better understand your energy usage so you can cut down during peak hours. Retailers making money off markups contrast to Mojo here, as they’re content to let you spend as much money as possible on electricity, which often involves high energy usage during peak hours.

Demand Management Program

One of the ways Mojo incentivises lowering your energy consumption is through their demand management program. They offer rebates during peak usage times to help reduce the load on the energy grid.

Because Mojo doesn’t mark up their electricity, there’s no reason for them to want you to use more energy. In fact, they have rewarded customers in the past for lowering their energy consumption during the busiest months of the year.

Mojo Power is in an interesting competitor on the energy market. They’re relatively new to the scene but can offer competitive rates because of their 0% markup.

They’re also committed to lowering their customers’ overall electricity usage through allowing them to view their bills as they increase in real time, and offering weekly insights with tips on how to reduce your home’s energy consumption.

The Mojo solar rates (more on this below) are some of the best in the market as well. Mojo Power is still developing their system, but it’s one of the unique options set to make waves in NSW and Queensland markets.

Mojo is in a unique position to push renewable energy over electricity, since they don’t make their money through the traditional markup system. This strategy allows Mojo to offer the highest feed-in tariff in the market at 20c/kWh – compared to a competing feed-in tariff of 16.1c/kWh in Queensland.

Mojo caps your 20c/KWh feed-in tariff at 5.48 kWh per day, which is about 2,000 kWh per year. After that, you’ll only receive 9c/kWh in Queensland and 11c/kWh in New South Wales. Though this rate isn’t as staggering as the initial 20c/kWh, it’s still a competitive offer.

You can set up new solar panels through Mojo Power if you don’t already have them on your house.

You can pay your bill with any major credit card online via your MyMojo portal or direct debit. You can also gain easy access of how much you owe through the Mojo Power mobile app for iOS and Android.

Mojo Power boasts its transparency with their billing system, which is one of the perks of choosing them as your retailer. You can access your energy usage rates and charges immediately, and see how much electricity you’re using in real time.

These perks make understanding your bill a lot easier, and you won’t be surprised by a high bill at the end of the month. You can also take steps to lower your bill once you understand why you’re using more energy during certain hours.

All you have to do is call or visit the Sumo website with your information if you’re moving to Victoria for the first time and want to set yourself up with Sumo power. Provide them with your personal information, address, and billing info and they’ll take care of the rest.

On this page, scroll down to “Your Account Service Address” and select “Moving Home.” The website will redirect you to an email link with a moving form. Your current address will already be in there, so all you have to do is provide some security details and your new address.

You should complete this form at least three business days before you plan on moving. If this isn’t possible, then contact or visit their website for a live chat with a representative. They’ll take steps to make sure your power is on when you move in.

If you plan on selecting Mojo for your electricity retailer at a new home, complete the signup form and select the “Moving Home” option. Include your move-in date, and let them know if the date changes.


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