Powershop Energy Guide

Powershop is a 100% online energy retailer owned by Meridian Energy, the largest fully renewable generator in Australasia. The retailer services over 85,000 customers and is certified 100% carbon neutral by the Australian Government.

With Powershop, customers know exactly how much energy they’re using and how much it costs. The company won the Service Rage — Energy Happiest Customers Award in 2015 for their customer service.

Powershop is currently available to customers in New South Wales, Victoria, and southeast Queensland. The company only offers electricity at the moment, though hopes to offer gas in future.

  • Powershop was ranked #1 in the Greenpeace Energy Green Electricity Guide in 2018 for the third year. It is backed by 100% renewable generation and offsets all carbon emissions at no cost to the customer.
  • Monitor your power usage in real time using Powershop’s online tools and mobile app.

Powershop has won the following awards:

  • Most Satisfied Customers in Victoria (with 5/5 stars in all survey categories), Canstar Blue 2015, 2016, 2017
  • Happiest Customers Award, Service Rage — Energy 2015
  • Ranked #1 in the 2018 Green Electricity Guide with a score of 9.7 out of 10

Powershop’s convenient online interface makes it easy to organise power connections and disconnections when you move house. If you’re not moving house but you’d like to switch over to Powershop, that can be done quickly online as well.

Existing Customers Moving House
  • Log into your Powershop Account and go to ‘Settings,’ then ‘Address Details.’
  • Select ‘Add Another Property’ and add your new address
  • Email Powershop and let them know the date that you’d like the power disconnected from your existing property
New Customers
  • Sign up online or over the phone. You’ll need your payment details and an old electricity bill.
  • Powershop starts arranging the switch.
  • Go through a 10 business day cooling-off period
  • After the cooling-off period, Powershop should start supplying electricity to your property:
  • Within 10 business days for customers in VIC or QLD
  • By your next scheduled meter read in NSW

Powershop charges its customers as c/unit rather than c/kWh. The unit price is all inclusive and shows the combined cost of energy rate, daily charge, and GST.

Powershop publishes a list of fees, products, and plans on its website, broken down by location. Your fees and energy rate will depend on your specific location and the discounts you access through your purchased Powerpacks.

Customers can use Powerpacks to eliminate the need for online bills, though this method does require being proactive with payments. To purchase Powerpacks, visit the online shop at the Powershop website or through the mobile app.

Address: GPO Box 1639, Melbourne, VIC 3001
Phone: 1800 462 668
Email: info@powershop.com.au
Twitter: @powershopaus