Available tariffs for gas meter types

Available tariffs for gas meter types

Your tariff is the rate charged for your energy usage; in this case, gas consumption. Gas tariffs are less flexible than electricity tariffs, and are typically only available as single rate tariffs. Rates tend to be offered in blocks, with customers paying one rate for the first block of usage and a different rate for the subsequent block. Prices may also vary depending on the season.

For example, your usage charges may look something like this:

Peak consumption – Block 1 (28.60000 MJ/day) charged at $0.05 per MJ

Peak consumption – Block 2 (11.25310 MJ/day) charged at $0.0476 per MJ

Rates will vary depending on your offer. With some plans, the first block is the cheapest, but with others it is not. Similarly, some offers may charge a lower rate in the summer than in the winter. Your consultant at ElectricityandGas.com.au will be able to walk you through a range of offers so you have the information you need to identify which plan suits your household.

Your bill is a handy resource in managing your energy usage, because it allows you to see how much energy you used in the billing period and compare it to previous billing periods. Tariff charges are usually shown on the last page of your gas bill in the section that breaks down your total charges. All of your rates and fees should be identified clearly on the bill, but if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact your consultant.

Standard energy tariffs will contain both a usage charge and a supply charge on the bill. The usage charge covers the gas consumption for the billing period, while the supply charge is charged in cents per day or as a total for the period and covers the administrative costs associated with providing energy to your dwelling.

Type of meter required: Imperial or metric meter

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