Dodo Energy Guide

Dodo first started in June of 2010. Since the beginning, Dodo has been focusing on providing affordable power to citizens of VIC, NSW, SA, and South-East Queensland.

While Dodo offers electricity plans in all of the above states, they only provide gas plans for select postcodes in VIC and NSW.

More recently, Dodo has become a part of the Vocus Group, and provide far more services than just power. Instead of dealing with multiple companies for each utility, you can contact Dodo for energy, internet, home and mobile phones, TV, insurance, and of course, electricity and gas.

  • Dodo provides power to residents of VIC, NSW, SA, and South-East Queensland.
  • Dodo provides incremental bills based on estimates, and allows flexibility on when and how you make your payments.
Moving Homes

If you’re planning on moving and staying with Dodo, you have to let them know at least three business days beforehand. Dodo allows a little more leeway than some other energy companies, and three days is usually easy enough to manage before you pack your things to leave.

Once you know where you’re moving, contact Dodo with your:

  • Dodo customer number
  • Current address
  • New address
  • Contact information
  • Date you plan on moving
  • Identification details

From there, the Dodo staff will take the proper steps to shut off the power in your previous home and get you set up with your new plan.

Receiving Your Bill

When it’s time to pay your electricity bill, Dodo will send you a notification via email. You can then view and pay your bill on their online portal.

If you prefer a printed bill in the mail, Dodo charges an additional print fee. This will apply to both your gas and electricity bill.

Paying Your Bill

You have a few options when it comes to paying your Dodo power bill. If making lump-sum payments on every bill is too much of a strain on your bank account, Dodo can make incremental withdrawals from your linked account to lighten the burden when your bill is eventually due.

These incremental payments will be estimated since Dodo can’t read your meter themselves. They’ll take the information you provide or material from your previous bills to calculate what you’ll owe in the future.

If you don’t have enough funds in your account to cover one of these payments, you need to inform Dodo three business days before you’re scheduled to be charged.

If you fail to notify them in enough time, the missed payment will force you to pay a dishonour fee.

Dodo aims to be flexible with their customers, so if this direct debit system doesn’t work for you, contact Dodo for other options.

Disputing Charges

If you have a problem with the price of your energy bill, first take account of some elements you might not have considered.

You might have received an estimated bill that was far too low. If this was the case, then your determined bill might be higher than you expected.

Also, make sure you’re not comparing bills from different seasons. Your energy bill will usually be higher in the winter, for example, as you use more power to heat your home.

If you have a legitimate dispute, however, take a look at the meter reading on your bill and check it against your current meter reading. Call Dodo and explain the situation if this is the case.

If your meter reading matches the bill, but you still think it’s wrong, contact Dodo and request a special meter reading. However, you might receive an extra charge for time spent if the meter is accurate.

(Live Chat Available)
Phone: 13 36 36
Mailing Address:
Dodo Power & Gas
P.O. Box 631