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Tasmania relies heavily on renewable energy. According to the Tasmanian Renewable Energy Alliance, over 24,600 households have already installed solar panel systems. Solar customers are able to leverage solar energy in TAS in two ways: first by reducing the amount of energy they draw from the grid, and second from feed-in tariffs.

Tasmanians who take advantage of solar power will see the cost-savings on their electricity bill. At the moment Aurora is the primary electricity supplier for Tasmania.

Solar power savings in TAS

Saving on solar starts with installation. Though it may seem like a smart idea to generate as much solar power as possible, that can lead to overpaying energy bills in Tasmania. It is usually more efficient to install a system that maximises the amount of power you use in real time. Solar panel systems are not yet sophisticated enough to store energy (though this is under development), so any unused electricity is fed back to the grid.

This is where feed-in tariffs come into place. Whenever possible, you should compare solar suppliers in Tasmania to get the best deal on your energy bill. Feed-in tariffs in Tasmania have been going down over time, with Aurora currently offering approximately 6 cents for each kilowatt hour that is fed back to the grid. Finding cheap solar energy in Tasmania is about striking a good balance between the cost of kilowatt hours and the amount paid for them.

You may also be able to benefit from solar controlled-load offers, which are tariffs priced specifically for solar-powered appliances such as a solar water heater. This may be less costly than the installation of a larger solar panel system but could still save you on your overall energy bill.

Tips for TAS solar customers

  • Install an efficient solar panel system that is right for your household’s rooftop and energy usage
  • Compare solar offers whenever possible to get cheaper energy in Tasmania
  • Consider a solar hot water system

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