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South Australia gets about 40 per cent of its power from renewable sources like wind and solar power, and it was the first in Australia to introduce solar feed-in legislation. Government incentives are encouraging more people to get on board with solar energy in SA by installing a solar panel system on their homes, which can be an efficient way of reducing your electricity bill.

The success of a rooftop solar system depends on the amount of sun in the area, so you should consider the location of your home and its exposure to sunlight before installation. Over 187,000 homes in South Australia now have rooftop solar panels installed.

Solar power is converted to electricity, used by the household when possible, and any excess energy is fed back into the grid. Customers have the opportunity to be paid for this electricity provided to the grid, and any feed-in tariffs paid to you will appear as credits on your electricity bill.

South Australia is also trialling a battery storage system that will allow households to store unused energy for their own use before feeding it back to the grid. Subsidised battery storage systems are offered through the state’s electricity distributor, SA Power Networks.

Solar power savings in SA

The South Australian government’s feed-in scheme is no longer open to new customers, but many suppliers offer their own feed-in tariffs. There is no required minimum amount for these tariffs, meaning that the amount per kilowatt paid out is set by the supplier. Solar customers can compare solar suppliers in SA to find the plan that is best for their individual needs.

When conducting a solar energy rate comparison in SA it is not just about finding a supplier who will pay you the most for the kilowatts you generate for the grid. You should also be looking at the amount charged for kilowatt hours, and consider your overall usage. The real strength of solar power is its ability to reduce your overall electricity bill, not its perceived earning power.

Eligible solar customers may also be able to apply for electricity concessions through the SA government:

  • Energy bill concession: supplements electricity and gas payments up to $215 per year
  • Medical heating and cooling concession: Eligible customers with qualifying medical conditions requiring heating or cooling can receive $215 per year
  • Cost of living concession: Assists low-income customers with electricity costs
  • Residential park resident concession: Concession for eligible residents of a residential or caravan park to assist with energy bills
  • Home dialysis electricity concession: Patients who receive kidney dialysis treatment at home may receive $165 per year

Tips for SA solar customers

  • Compare retail feed-in tariffs from available suppliers to find cheaper energy in SA
  • Ask your supplier about trialing the battery storage system
  • Avoid overpaying energy bills in SA by applying for energy concessions if you are eligible

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