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Setting the house up for solar energy in Queensland is a no-brainer for many residents of the Sunshine State, especially with government feed-in tariffs in place. Before purchasing any solar panels, do your research on what rebates and schemes are available in your area. To take advantage of these schemes, you must use approved products and an accredited installer.

According to the Queensland Government, customers who live between Brisbane and Cairns can expect to reduce their power bills by ⅓ when switching to solar. Those who live inland see slightly more sunlight each day, and enjoy even cheaper energy in QLD.

Solar power is converted to electricity, which means that your corresponding energy savings are represented on your electricity bill. Your Electricity and Gas consultant will be able to help you compare solar suppliers in QLD so you can make an informed decision on which plan is best for you.

Electricity suppliers in Queensland include:

Saving on solar power in QLD

To encourage consumers to use solar energy, the Queensland government implemented benefit schemes. The most well-known of these was the Solar Bonus Scheme, which paid customers 44c for each kilowatt of energy that was fed back onto the grid from their solar system. This scheme is due to expire on 1 July 2028 and is no longer accepting new customers.

However, there are still two feed-in tariffs available to Queensland residents. Where you live will play a role in determining your eligibility.

South East Queensland (SEQ) market feed-in tariff
Customers must meet technical requirements set out by electricity distributor Energex when connecting solar panels to the grid. You must also have a network connection agreement with Energex, and a plan with a supplier who offers a feed-in tariff for the premises in question.

Finding a supplier is easy with the help of an Electricity and Gas consultant. Comparing plans is similar to comparing electricity plans, except that you’ll be looking specifically at offers for solar power. Remember that cheap solar energy in QLD is not always about finding the highest feed-in tariff, but one that offers the right balance between discounts and prices.

Regional feed-in tariff
Residents of regional Queensland will soon see new options available under this scheme. You can expect to have the choice between the current flat-rate tariff and a new time-varying tariff, as well as a new size limit for solar panel systems. Customers must be connected to the distribution network with either Ergon Energy or Essential Energy. There are a number of eligibility requirements that must be met, so be sure to consider this before setting up your system.

Unlike the competitive market tariff in SEQ, regional tariff rates are set by the Queensland Competition Authority (QCA). The 2016-17 flat rate feed-in tariff is 7.448 cents per kilowatt hour.

Tips for solar customers in QLD

  • Research all tariff options available in your area and their requirements, as they vary across the state
  • Energy rate comparison in QLD, when available, can help you find the best deal for your needs
  • Consider government-imposed deadlines when making plans so you don’t miss out on a deal

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