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Solar power can be a great way to find cheaper energy in New South Wales, as long as you are making an informed decision about your tariff. Customers can install solar panels, which convert energy from the sun into electricity. The electricity is used in your home, and any surplus electricity feeds back into the grid. In NSW, solar panel systems of up to 10 kilowatts can be connected to the grid.

Bigger is not always better when it comes to installing solar panels, and customers should consider their needs rather than their roof size when making a decision.

Solar power is used to reduce your electricity consumption, and as such will be reflected in the bill you receive from your electricity supplier.

Electricity suppliers providing service in NSW include:

Solar energy savings in NSW

Despite common assumptions, the real money-saving power of solar energy NSW doesn’t come from feed-in tariffs. This is good news, as the NSW Government’s Solar Bonus Scheme (SBS) ended on 31 December 2016, meaning that customers are no longer subsidized for electricity from their solar panels that feeds back to the grid.

This changes the way NSW customers can save on solar power. Previously, under the SBS, the price of electricity was lower than the feed-in tariff. That means that most SBS customers used a gross meter to feed all of their energy into the grid, and drawing back what they needed to use.

Now that the tariff is not in play, many solar customers are better off installing a net meter. This allows households to use the energy they need first, then feed the excess energy back to the grid. According to IPART research, this simple meter change can save customers between $234 and $461 each year.

Many customers opted for an energy plan with the highest feed-in tariff, but these tariffs do not always offer the best value. The true benefit of solar power is that you are able to generate your own power and avoid overpaying energy bills in NSW. Therefore, it’s best to compare solar suppliers in NSW to determine which is the best deal for your household. When doing so, look at prices (supply charge + cost per kilowatt hour) as well as available discounts.

Tips for NSW solar customers

  • Compare plans offered by energy suppliers, focusing on the costs and not just discounts
  • Consider your energy needs and purchase solar panels accordingly
  • Contact your energy supplier to discuss the possibility of upgrading your meter

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