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The state of Victoria has three gas distributors. Each one looks after a different area of the state:

There are four gas distributors in Queensland who are members of EWOQ:

  • AusNet Services
  • Australian Gas Networks
  • Multinet Gas

Your distributor looks after the infrastructure for the gas network, while your gas supplier is the company that sells you gas and sends the gas bills in Victoria. Most energy suppliers in the state are required to take part in the Energy and Water Ombudsman Victoria (EWOV) scheme.

Victorian gas suppliers include:

Victoria has long been leading the way in a free energy market for consumers. The state phased out retail price regulation for gas in 2009, meaning that the government does not control gas prices for the state. In turn, this means cheaper gas in VIC.

Gas savings in VIC

As with electricity, more gas rate comparison in VIC means lower gas prices for Victorians. However, roughly 10 percent of customers have remained on the standard plan, meaning they did not change to competitive plans after prices were deregulated. When customers stop shopping around, gas prices can start to creep up and lead to you overpaying gas in Victoria.

Victorians have enjoyed relative price stability on gas prices lately, but that could change if customers stop shopping around. When consumers compare prices, gas suppliers are encouraged to keep their prices low. If you haven’t gone shopping for a lower price on gas, now is the time.

Victorians may also be eligible for a range of concessions and rebates that can lower their gas bills. These include:

  • Winter Gas Concession: Discount on gas bills from 1 May to 31 October
  • Non-Mains Energy Concession: Annual rebate for cardholders using LPG for small-scale heating or cooking
  • Excess Gas Concession: Discounts given to eligible users who use high amounts of gas
  • Gas Hot Water Rebate: Cash back when replacing eligible water heaters to more energy-efficient appliances

Tips for VIC gas customers

  • Compare gas suppliers in VIC to find a better deal, especially if you haven’t done so for a while
  • Ask your energy supplier if you are eligible for any concessions or rebates
  • Ask your supplier about possible discounts for bundling gas rate VIC and electricity plans together
  • Look into rebates available for upgrading to more energy-efficient appliances

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