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Although gas prices are unregulated in Tasmania, limited choice has kept the market from being as competitive as it might otherwise be. There is currently one gas distributor, TasGas, and two gas power suppliers in TAS, Aurora and TasGas.

A 2016 study commissioned by the Small Business Council suggests that only 30 percent of Tasmanians who can access the gas network are actually doing so. The gas industry has been under scrutiny for some time, with people keeping a close eye on whether or not Hydro Tasmania will renew its gas contract, which expires at the end of 2017.

Gas savings in Tasmania

Whenever possible, compare gas suppliers in Tasmania to see if a better deal is available. If you are considering hooking up to the gas network, taking a few minutes to do a gas rate comparison in TAS can put you in a better position to save. Over time, if more suppliers begin selling gas in Tasmania, the gas rate in TAS is more likely to stabilize and become more competitive.

The Tasmanian government offers some energy concessions, so contact your supplier to see if you qualify for any of the below. Note that prices were correct at the time of writing:

  • Heating allowance: Eligible customers can save $56 per year on heating costs
  • Medical cooling or heating concession: Daily discount offered to eligible customers who rely on temperature regulation for a medical condition

At the moment, gas is not considered an essential service. In fact, it competes with electricity for its market share. Some economists speculate that offering short-term incentives may encourage potential gas customers to enter the market; keep your eyes peeled for any money-saving offers that might lower your gas bills in Tasmania.

Tips for TAS gas customers

  • Compare prices from different suppliers in your area to find cheaper gas in Tasmania
  • Ask your supplier about any concessions you may be eligible for
  • Consider your household energy needs and whether a combination of electricity and gas might be an option

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