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Natural gas is South Australia’s biggest source of non-renewable energy. According to the SA government, roughly 60 percent of the state’s natural gas goes to generating electricity, and the rest is transmitted to homes and businesses. There is one gas distributor in the state, Australian Gas Networks (formerly Envestra), though gas in some remote areas is supplied by other companies. People who are unable to connect to the natural gas network may be able to use LPG, either through a reticulated gas network or in bottles.

There are a small number of gas suppliers in SA that dominate the market: AGL and Origin. However, South Australian residents still have a number of suppliers to choose from, including:

The suppliers available to you may vary depending on your location and household needs.

Gas savings in SA

Large suppliers control most of the market because they are able to offer gas bills in SA, while the smaller suppliers are only able to bundle it with electricity services. If you rely on both electricity and gas for your energy, you can compare gas suppliers in SA to see who can give you the best deal. You may even qualify for cheaper gas in SA when you get multiple services from the same company.

Customers who are looking only for a gas rate comparison in South Australia should still shop around for the lowest price. Gas prices in South Australia change over time and comparing deals will keep you on top of the market so you can avoid overpaying gas in SA. Be sure to consider both standard contracts and market contracts when looking at prices. Market contracts tend to offer the lower price due to bigger discounts.

Concessions are available to eligible customers in SA that can subsidise your energy costs:

  • Energy bill concession: supplements electricity and gas payments up to $215 per year
  • Medical heating and cooling concession: Eligible customers with qualifying medical conditions requiring heating or cooling can receive $215 per year
  • Cost of living concession: Assists low-income customers with gas costs
  • Residential park resident concession: Concession for eligible residents of a residential or caravan park to assist with energy bills

New customers in South Australia can sometimes benefit from connection bonuses, which offer discounts for existing homes with eligible appliances when connecting to the gas main for the first time. There are stipulations to these offers and they may not be offered year-round. Your consultant at Electricity and Gas can help you find out about any available bonus offers.

Tips for SA gas customers

  • Compare prices from a range of suppliers to find the lowest price
  • Ask your supplier about bundling discounts for combining electricity and gas rates in SA
  • Explore available government concessions to assist with your gas bill
  • Ask your supplier about any bonus offers on the market

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