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Energy distributors and suppliers in Queensland that provide energy to small customers (aka households) are required to become members of the Energy + Water Ombudsman Queensland scheme, known as EWOQ. This scheme is in place to ensure that customers are protected and legislation is followed.

There are three electricity distributors in Queensland who are members of EWOQ:

  • Ergon Energy
  • Essential Energy (formerly Country Energy)

Each of these distributors are responsible for a different region of Queensland. Distributors own and manage the infrastructure that allows for delivery of your energy, such as pipes and power lines.

Energy suppliers in QLD are the companies who send the bill. Your choice of electricity supplier may depend on the area where you live. Electricity suppliers in Queensland who are members of EWOQ include:

Electricity savings in QLD

Although there is an increased amount of competition in the Queensland electricity industry, the government does still regulate the prices for parts of the state. This means that while consumers have the freedom to compare electricity suppliers in Queensland, the government has the final say on just how low those prices can go.

Customers in South East Queensland (SEQ) now have access to a competitive market contract as well as a standard retail contract. Electricity prices were deregulated as of 1 July 2016, opening up the market for better deals for SEQ residents. Customers who take advantage of new tariffs may benefit from lower electricity bills in QLD, so it’s a good idea to shop around.

Queensland offers several rebates and concession schemes to eligible customers, such as:

  • The Electricity Rebate ($329.96 per year incl. GST): This is aimed at pensioners and concession card holders
  • The Medical Cooling and Heating Electricity Concession Scheme ($329.96 per year incl. GST): This is for customers with a qualifying medical condition who need heating or cooling
  • The Home Energy Emergency Assistance Scheme (up to $720 in a 12 month period): This is for low-income households who are dealing with a temporary financial emergency

Eligibility varies and conditions apply; any dollar amounts quoted are current at the time of publication and should be checked with the Queensland Government. Consult your Electricity & Gas consultant for advice on these or any other electricity rebates.

Tips for QLD electricity customers

  • Shop around to find a cheaper electricity in QLD, especially in the recently deregulated area of SEQ
  • Ask your Electricity & Gas consultant about applying for any applicable QLD government rebates
  • Ask if discounts are available for bundling electricity and gas services together from the same supplier

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