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NSW has three electricity distributors, and each one manages a different region of the state.

  • Ausgrid (formerly EnergyAustralia)
  • Endeavour Energy
  • Essential Energy

Your distributor looks after electricity infrastructure and is determined by where you live, but you still have your choice of electricity supplier. There are a wide range of energy suppliers in NSW to choose from, thanks to legislation that went into effect on 1 July 2014. Since then, electricity prices in NSW have been deregulated, meaning that the government does not set the prices. This increased competition, which typically leads to lower prices for consumers.
Electricity suppliers providing service in NSW include:

Electricity savings in NSW

In November 2015, the Independent Pricing And Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) released their study on the impact of deregulation on electricity prices in NSW. IPART’s Final Report: Review of the performance and competitiveness of the retail electricity market found that households who switched to the lowest available offer could save from $389 to $522.

While comparing electricity prices is a valuable way to find a better deal, there are even further ways to save in NSW. The state government offers energy rebates to eligible electricity account holders, along with the Energy Accounts Payment Assistance (EAPA) scheme for customers having financial difficulty. Ask your Electricity & Gas consultant about which rebates you may be eligible for and you may benefit from even more cost savings.

As of 1 July 2014, customers who were still on a regulated electricity contract were moved onto a transitional tariff. This was typically 1.5% lower than the regulated prices they had been paying. However, you could lower your electricity bills in NSW even more simply by comparing electricity prices and switching to a cheaper plan. According to the NSW government, nearly 40% of NSW households have not yet changed over to a competitive market contract. Avoid overpaying electricity in NSW and compare prices as soon as possible.

Customers in NSW can further expand their tariff options by taking advantage of the smart meter rollout. Smart meters are a step ahead of traditional electricity meters, because they do more than simply measure electricity use. Benefits include real-time electricity usage tracking, more accurate readings, and data available via an internet portal. In most cases, the installation and initial costs of obtaining a smart meter are paid for by the electricity supplier. Please contact your energy supplier to discuss your options and availability.

Tips for NSW electricity customers

  • Compare market tariffs to find cheaper electricity in New South Wales
  • Ask your Electricity & Gas consultant about potential government rebates
  • Contact your electricity supplier about the option of switching to a smart meter
  • Ask about a bundling discount if you get your electricity and gas from the same supplier

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