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The ACT is forward-thinking when it comes to its power regulations, which may explain why there is typically cheaper electricity in Australian Capital Territory. Its systems are among the most reliable and affordable in the country, which is great news for residents.

There is one main electricity distributor in the ACT, which is ActewAGL. However, some regions may be serviced by Essential Energy and other companies.

When consumers want to compare electricity suppliers in ACT, they have three main suppliers to choose from:

Electricity savings in the ACT

Electricity bills in ACT are lower these days thanks to competitive deregulation. Consumers have the freedom to choose their own power supplier in ACT, which encourages competition. However, there is an element of price protection in the market, because the government does regulate the price set by the largest supplier in the ACT. Once the market stabilizes, the government intends to deregulate prices as well.

To find the best ACT electricity rate, start by comparing suppliers in your region. This allows you to determine which plan is best for your needs: a standard plan or a competitive market plan.

Eligible concession card holders can save further on electricity thanks to the government’s energy concession. At the time of writing, the annual energy concession in 2016-17 is $338.21. Note that as of 1 July 2017 the energy concession will be combined with a number of other concessions to form the utilities concession, which may affect the overall rebate.

Customers on electricity-run life support machines may also be able to apply for the life support rebate. The annual rebate for 2017 is $121.87 but is subject to change. As part of the life support rebate, a category exists for concession card holders who have qualifying medical conditions requiring heating or cooling. Consult with your energy supplier to find out if you are eligible for these or any other concessions.

Tips for ACT electricity customers

  • Compare offers from all available energy suppliers in your area to find the best deal
  • Ask your supplier if you are eligible for any concessions or rebates

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