Money-saving tips for business energy customers


Whether your business is large or small, the principles for saving on your energy bill are very similar. Energy costs are one of the highest costs of running a business, so it pays to do whatever you can to keep those costs down. Here are a few tips.

Implement an energy efficiency plan

When it comes to a business, reducing energy costs is a team effort. Create an energy efficiency plan and communicate it to your employees in order to encourage everyone to do their part.

Power down

It’s not unusual for computers to be left running round-the-clock at some workplaces, and the cost of that spent energy can add up quickly. Ensure that all computers and printers are turned off at the end of the day, and that all lights are off when the office is closed. Consider installing controls such as timers or sensors if possible so that lights aren’t left on accidentally.

Compare energy offers

When setting up your business, shop around for the best available deal on energy. One size does not fit all for energy plans, especially when it comes to businesses. Compare different tariff types such as controlled load and on-peak pricing to determine what best suits your business needs.

Climate control

Be mindful of the temperature in your workplace, and try to avoid using heating and cooling more than is necessary.

Use energy efficient appliances

Energy efficient appliances can make a big difference in reducing energy costs. This might mean using laptops instead of desktop computers, purchasing LCD monitors, or installing energy-efficient lighting. Every little bit counts!

Monitor your energy usage

Keep an eye on how much energy your business is using over time. Once you have a solid idea of your energy consumption patterns, it may better inform your choice of energy suppliers and offers.

Consider renewable energy technology

Do you have solar panels installed on your business? It may be something to think about, depending on what type of business you are running. Solar panels can cut down on your electricity bills by one-third, possibly more if you’re using energy during peak daylight hours.

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