GloBird Energy – Supplier Guide

  • GloBird is a local energy provider – located in Melbourne – providing energy to customers in Victoria
  • No lock-in contracts mean you can join or leave GloBird at your convenience. You aren’t shackled to their services once you choose them as a provider.
  • GloBird offers varying pay-on-time discounts on many of their plans.
  • As of now, GloBird does not offer any gas plans.

GloBird offers customers three electricity plans, which include electricity and solar power. Since GloBird never locks their customers into a contract, all of their plans include variable rates.

The three plans are as follows.

  • EasySave

    EasySave is the basic energy plan GloBird offers, and the only one without a pay on time discount.

    Instead of a discount for paying on time, GloBird offers low rates upfront. EasySave will almost always be the cheapest option for customers, as it saves GloBird some money as well.

    EasySave is entirely paperless, so you’ll receive your bill via email and will have to pay by credit card direct debit.

    GloBird passes their savings onto you in this plan, and offer the most competitive rates for their EasySave customers.

    EasySave is an affordable option for those who keep your bill linked to a credit card anyway. It’s even more convenient if you prefer to receive your bill via email.

  • GloSave

    GloBird directs their GloSave product towards small families who don’t use excessive energy. This product is one of GloBird’s most popular.

    Their “pay on time” discount gives you 35% off of your bill. Unlike other providers, they take the percentage off of your entire bill rather than only usage charges.

    If you don’t like the idea of linking a credit card or bank account to your GloBird bill, your savings will reduce by 1% (34% total).

  • Boost

    With boost, GloBird targets customers with large families who use an above average amount of electricity.

    If you have a small or medium-sized family with moderate energy usage, GloSave might be enough for you. If your family uses more power than the average household, Boost is a more substantial option.

    GloBird handles the Boost discount the same way they handle it with GloSave. It’s a pay on time discount, but Boost customers save 40% rather than 35%.
    As is the case with GloSave, your discount is 1% lower if you don’t link a bank account or credit card for bill payments.

  • GloBird Gas Products

    GloBird currently doesn’t offer any gas plans, but they hope to shortly. They recently obtained their Victorian Gas Licence, which means they’re only a few steps away from providing gas to their customers.

    Check the company website for periodic updates if you’re interested in receiving gas from GloBird. They will post a plan once they can provide this service.

    According to what they have already posted, GloBird gas offerings shouldn’t be too far away.

GloBird offers their customers a pay on time discount with their GloSave, Boost, and solar plans.

GloSave and Solar Plus customers will save 35% off of their entire energy bill, while Boost customers save 40%. Globird reduces this discount by 1% if you fail to link a credit or debit card for automatic bill payments.

Of course, you will also have to pay your bill on time to receive these discounts. This promotion is another way GloBird incentivises linking a bank account or credit card to your energy bill.

GloBird positions themselves as a champion of solar power. They state that they believe you should be rewarded for your commitment to the environment, and pay competitive rates when buying excess solar power from their customers.

GloBird Solar Products

GloBird offers two solar products to their customers. Solar Plus is for customers who receive the bulk of their power from solar energy, while Solar Basic caters to supplemental solar power.

Solar Plus

If you have functioning solar panels on your home, then this is the GloBird plan you may want to explore. It offers a similar energy discount as the GloSave product, with the added benefits that come with selling your solar energy back to the utility company.

GloBird designed SolarPlus to work well for customers who sell a moderate amount of their solar energy back to the utility company. This plan gives you a feed-in tariff of 17c/kWh for the first 12 kWh, then 12c/kWh after that.

Solar Basic

Customers can add Solar Basic as a supplemental energy product in addition to any of their other plans. If you sell any of your excess power back to the grid, GloBird will pay you 12c/kWh.

Phone : 1300 GloBird (1300 456 247)

Email :

Mailing Address: PO BOX 398 Ringwood VIC 3134


Customer Service Office Hours : Monday to Friday : 8:30 am to 5:30 pm

GloBird gives their clients a variety of ways to pay their bills. Below is a list of the payment options GloBird provides, as well as a breakdown of how to make a payment through each.

  • BPay: Enter your customer reference number (found on your invoice) and billing code into the portal to pay your bill through BPay.
  • Direct Payment: Provide GloBird with your credit card or bank account information to have them take the payment out of your account every month.
  • Pay Online: Pay your bill through their online platform with any major credit card. There are no fees for paying online.
  • Pay By Phone: Pay over the phone at 1300 456 247 or 1300 516 888 with your credit card.
  • Pay By Mail: Send a cheque with the required amount, made payable to GloBird Energy. Include your unique customer number on the cheque, and mail it to the address listed above.
  • Pay In Person: Visit any Aus Post Office and pay over-the-counter ($1.00 fee). Alternatively, pay at any Commonwealth Bank Branch for no fee.

Account Name: GloBird Energy Pty Ltd
BSB: 063 233, Account #: 10418628

You can find your 9-digit account reference number on your invoice.

GloBird provides some of the most competitive rates in the energy industry and strong incentives for their customers to go solar. User reviews almost all state that customer service is friendly and easy to deal with.

Of course, since GloBird uses variable rates for all of their products, it’s possible you’ll find a more cost-effective option in your area. If you find a provider with better options, you can switch with no contractual problems.

GloBird won two Mozo awards in 2017 for their energy as well. Out of over 274 electricity products, GloBird won the “Expert’s Choice” award for both Solar Friendly Electricity and Electricity.

GloBird doesn’t make switching your power on and off too complicated. If you sign up or register with GloBird by 2 PM Monday-Friday, their staff will make sure you have power on the next day.

If you can’t wait that long for power, they request that you call their customer service number so they can work with you to find the best option.

To transfer your power, you’ll need to contact GloBird via email or phone with your old address, customer number, new address, and any other information they may require.