1st Energy


Are you thinking about choosing 1st Energy as your electricity supplier?

1st Energy is a relatively new addition to the Australian energy market and currently sells electricity to customers in NSW and VIC. Their energy plans are based around helping you save money on your electricity bills – with a guarantee that this will be the case in the long term.

One of the big selling points for 1st Energy is their promise that your benefits will not disappear once your electricity contract has ended.

1st Energy Electricity Plans

If you live in NSW or VIC, you can choose a 1st Energy plan that offers generous discounts on your electricity usage if you pay on time.

  • VIC: You will receive a discount of 40% as a residential customer (or 30% discount as a business customer).
  • NSW: You will receive a discount of 20% as a residential customer (or 27% as a business customer).

In both states, it is a 24 month contract with lifetime benefits. This guarantees that your customer benefits will not be removed at the end of your contract term.

1st Energy also has a Price Match Guarantee. If another energy supplier gives you a cheaper quote for an equivalent tariff, they will usually agree to match it or offer you a lower price. If they cannot match or beat the quote, they will release you from your contract and you will not have to pay any exit fees.

1st Energy Bills

1st Energy sends out electricity bills every month. If your meter is read on a quarterly basis, 1st Energy can use the information that you provided during the signup process to estimate your electricity usage. Alternatively, you can provide your meter readings via the portal. Quarterly bills will be reconciled against your actual electricity usage to make sure that you are only charged for the energy you have used.

You can pay your 1st Energy electricity bills in a number of ways: through the online payment portal, Direct Debit, BPAY, cheque or over the phone (by credit card only).

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