1st Energy

  • 1st Energy offers electricity plans to customers in NSW, VIC and QLD. For solar plans, contact 1st Energy customer service representatives to discuss options.
  • 1st Energy is based in Australia and has a focus on personalised customer service.
  • There are no credit card fees when paying your bill with 1st Energy.

Established in 2014, 1st Energy is a relatively new energy company on the Australian energy market. It currently provides electricity plans to customers in New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland.

1st Energy is based in Melbourne and offers a range of competitively-priced plans, but currently does not offer gas plans.

Energy plans are based on your distributor, which is the company monitoring the electricity network in your area. 1st Energy caters to both residential and business customers in NSW, VIC and QLD, offering three plans to residential customers and two plans to business customers.

All of 1st Energy’s residential and business plans offer no lock-in contracts as well as a service guarantee and price match guarantee. If they are unable to match a price for the same tariff from a competitor, you will be released with no exit fees.

Standing Offer

Energy companies are legally required to make a standing offer available. Prices are generally set by the government and can only change once every six months. However, they tend to be more expensive than market offers and discounts are generally not available.

1st Energy has a business and residential standing offer. There is no contract term and billing is every three months. Pricing is not fixed, but you will be notified prior to any changes.

1st Saver: Market Offer

Market retail offers are set by the energy retailers and can fluctuate at any stage. Your retailer is not required to inform you prior to a price change, but must let you know in your next bill. The benefit of a market offer is that retailers often offer discounts, though these may be for a fixed period of time.

1st Energy’s market offer is known as the ‘1st saver’, and is offered to both business and residential customers. This is an ongoing contract with monthly billing and usage discounts available in addition to the 2-year benefit period. You will be notified of your options prior to the end of the benefit period.

Residential easySaver

The easySaver is a market offer exclusively available to 1st Energy residential customers. This is an ongoing contract with a 2-year benefit period. As with the previous offer, you will be notified of your options prior to the end of the benefit period, usage discounts are available and billing is monthly.

The easySaver offers a larger usage discount than the 1st saver, though easySaver customers are required to make payments through eBilling or direct debit.

1st Energy offers discounts on its market contract, presenting eligible customers with a percentage off from their usage charges. Your discount will depend on your distributor and the tariff you choose, and may also be related to paying on time, eBilling or direct debit as a payment method.

Note that if you change retailers at your current supply address, your final bill will not be discounted.

As a new energy retailer, 1st Energy is still building its reputation. However, its price match guarantee and lack of credit card fees are two features that set it apart from the competition.

The company’s service guarantee, which promises to prioritise the customer in every decision made, reflects the company’s high standard of performance in customer service.

1st Energy does provide plans to customers with solar. Eligible customers receive payment for each kWh generated from their solar panels that is then fed back to the grid.
Available solar feed-in tariffs vary depending on your state and energy plan.1st Energy currently offers the following feed-in tariffs to customers who are eligible for a solar feed-in arrangement:

  • NSW: 5.10 cents per kWh
  • QLD: 6.00 cents per kWh
  • QLD: Solar Bonus Scheme 44.00 cents per kWh (no longer available to new customers)

1st Energy can work with individual customers to determine which solar feed-in tariff is available in their region.

Standing offers are billed every three months, with all other offers adhering to a monthly billing schedule. For customers with smart meters, bills are based on actual reads whenever possible.

Customers with regular meters must nominate an estimated monthly amount when they sign up or provide their own reads through the 1st Energy portal. Bills are balanced every quarter to ensure you don’t pay for additional electricity you haven’t used.

There are a number of ways to pay your 1st Energy bill:

  • Online: Pay online through 1st Energy’s online portal
  • Direct Debit: Complete a direct debit form or set up a direct debit over the phone (there are no fees for credit card payments)
  • Phone: Pay by credit card over the phone
  • BPay: Use a BPay billing code and unique reference number to make a payment.
  • Post: Send your payment slip and a cheque by mail.
  • Advance Payment: Pay your bill in advance using the methods listed above.
  • Centrelink: Call 1300 426 594 to get your first Energy Centrepay reference number. Then contact Centrelink to arrange the Centrepay deductions.

1st Energy can help you arrange the disconnection and reconnection of your power supply when you are moving house. For a smooth transition, contact 1st Energy at least five business days before you move. If you are moving in fewer than five business days, call 1300 426 594 as soon as possible to arrange the connection.

Website: 1stenergy.com.au

Email: support@1stenergy.com.au

Post Address:

  • 459 Little Collins St,
  • Melbourne, VIC 3000

Business Care Number: 1300 426 594