Diamond Energy


Are you considering Diamond Energy as an energy supplier?

Diamond Energy is an electricity supplier who support renewable energy from pure sources within Australia. They are committed to offering low prices to their customers which means they offer a different level of discount on their energy plans in comparison to some of their competitors.

Diamond Energy Electricity

Diamond Energy do not offer specific energy plans to their customers. Instead, they have rates – namely Single rates (including daily supply charges, all day rates and controlled load rates), Time of Use – Flexi rates and Time of Use rates and Controlled Load charges for non-solar customers.

For customers with solar power, they also have a Solar Feed in rate, as well as Single rates, Time of Use – Flexi rates, Time of Use rates and Controlled Load charges.

Their electricity rates are based on tariffs that are linked to electricity distributors such as Jemena, Ausgrid, Energex and Citipower. These vary depending on your area so it is best to get a quote to see exactly what you would be paying if you choose them as your energy supplier.

There are also discounts available, on top of the competitive rates. These are generally 3% for paying via Direct Debit and 7% for paying on time.

Diamond Renewable Energy

Diamond Energy are big supporters of renewable energy and describe themselves as “Your Pure Energy People”. They have their own generators, which makes them unique in the Australian energy market and enables them to support solar, wind, wave and bioenergy power.

Their aim is to source more energy from renewable sources than their residential and small business customers actually need. Choosing Diamond Energy as your energy supplier means you can be part of their drive to back more of these types of projects.

The Greenpower accredited Diamond Pure Plus option gives you the opportunity to choose either 20%, 50% or 100% of your electricity usage to be sourced from Greenpower accredited renewable energy sources.

Diamond Solar Energy

If you are thinking about moving over to solar energy, Diamond Energy can guide you through your options so you know exactly what it would mean for your energy usage. If you decide to go solar, they will then help you through the entire process, from working with the people who install your solar to making sure you get the most from your solar energy.

Through Diamond Energy GridCredits100, electricity stored in your battery can be sold for 100 cents per kWh. For this, you need a Reposit Box installed with your compatible battery and an interval bi-directional meter.

Diamond Electricity Bills

As a Diamond Energy customer, you can pay your Diamond Energy bill online with Visa or Mastercard. Other payment options include Direct Debit (with a 3% discount on usage and daily supply charges for paying via this method), Electronic Funds Transfer, BPay, Australia Post and by cheque.

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