Solar Energy Comparison in Victoria


Despite Victoria’s reputation for volatile weather, solar panels can still be a smart investment in the garden state. Statistics show that in 2014, over 20 percent of Australia’s newly installed solar panels were in Victoria. Since then, more Victorians are tapping into the power of the sun for cheaper solar energy in Victoria.

Solar power is converted into electricity that is either used by the household or fed back into the grid. This means that solar customers can benefit both by reducing their household electricity bill and by receiving feed-in tariffs from the government.

Customers are responsible for arranging the installation of any desired solar technology, but energy generation and usage is reflected on the bill sent out by your electricity supplier.

Solar power savings in VIC

According to the Clean Energy Council (CEC), a standard 1.5 kilowatt solar system can generate enough energy to cover about one-third of an average Victorian household’s daily usage requirements. In theory, a larger system can generate more electricity, but also incurs additional costs, and some may not fit eligibility requirements for feed-in tariff schemes. Roof size and location are also factors in choosing a suitable system.

As of 1 January 2017, Victoria offers a single feed-in tariff scheme to new solar customers who meet eligibility requirements. At the time of writing the tariff offers participants a minimum of 5 cents per kilowatt hour for excess electricity that is fed into the grid. However, different suppliers can offer more than this amount, so it pays to compare solar suppliers in Victoria.

The Victorian government also has energy efficiency incentives in place for consumers who replace or upgrade to certain solar appliances, such as a solar hot water system. These benefits can take the form of a rebate or point of sale discount, depending on the appliance or product being installed. Be sure to research all eligibility required before moving forward with a purchase.

Tips for VIC solar customers

  • Install a solar panel system that is appropriate for the size of your home and the average energy needs of your household
  • Consider feed-in tariffs when looking at a plan for cheap solar energy in VIC
  • Compare plans from electricity suppliers to avoid overpaying energy bills in Victoria
  • Investigate potential rebates before spending on a new solar appliance or product
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