Gas Comparison in Australian Capital Territory


Although technically there is competition in the ACT gas market, there are not a large number of competitors. Of the three main suppliers, ActewAGL holds over 90% of the market share, making it a challenge to find a range of prices. New suppliers are encouraged to enter the market in order to create a more competitive landscape.

ActewAGL is the primary gas distributor in the ACT, but some smaller regions may get their gas from a different company.

Customers can purchase gas through one of three main gas suppliers:

Gas savings in the ACT

Natural gas prices are not regulated in the Australian Capital Territory, creating a more competitive market for customers. Although a small number of energy suppliers in ACT does limit choice, residents can still benefit by comparing prices from different suppliers. Prices do fluctuate, and in recent years there has been cheaper gas in ACT than in years past.

Eligible concession card holders can avoid overpaying gas in ACT under the government’s energy concession. At the time of writing, the annual energy concession in 2016-17 is $338.21. Note that as of 1 July 2017 the energy concession will be combined with a number of other concessions to form the utilities concession, which may affect the overall rebate.

Concession card holders with eligible medical conditions requiring heating or cooling may also qualify for a rebate. Consult your gas supplier to see which concessions you can apply for.

Customers looking to replace or upgrade gas appliances should also research potential rebates for purchasing energy-efficient appliances, such as gas water heaters.

Tips for ACT gas customers

  • Compare gas suppliers in ACT for the best price
  • Ask your supplier if you qualify for a discount by bundling your electricity and gas services
  • Apply for any concessions or rebates you are eligible for to lower gas bills in ACT
  • Research energy-efficient appliance rebates prior to replacing existing appliances
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