Electricity Comparison in Tasmania


Tasmania’s electricity industry is unusual when compared to the rest of Australia, due to its relatively isolated location and lower population. A free marketplace was rolled out from 2006 and culminating on 1 July 2014, when mainland Tasmania introduced full retail competition. On this date the government merged two existing companies to create TasNetworks, the state’s sole electricity distributor.

Prior to 1 July 2014, there was one electricity supplier in the market, Aurora Energy, which offered standard contracts that were set by the government. Now there are a small number of energy suppliers in Tasmania, though at the moment only Aurora offers contracts to small customers. Current suppliers include:

  • Aurora Energy
  • ERM Business Energy (offers contracts to business customers)
  • PG Energy (contracts offered for customers using over 160,000kwh per year)

Tasmania is in a difficult position. Most of its energy is generated through hydropower, which has been affected by droughts. A secondary source is through Basslink, an underground cable transporting power from Victoria. Unfortunately, this cable has had its share of disruptions, forcing the state to implement energy restrictions at times and leading to residents overpaying on electricity in TAS.

However, Tasmania’s electricity industry has room to grow, and as more suppliers enter the market, the more likely it is that residents will enjoy cheaper electricity in TAS.

Electricity savings in TAS

Saving on electricity bills in Tasmania starts with comparing your options. When a market is constantly in flux, as it is in Tasmania, things can change frequently so it pays to compare electricity suppliers in TAS. Customers have the option of going with a standard contract, where prices are regulated by the government, or a market contract, which is based on market prices.

The Tasmanian government offers concessions to electricity customers, so contact your supplier to see if you qualify for any of the below. Note that prices were correct at the time of writing:

  • Annual electricity concession: Eligible customers receive a discount of 132.557 cents per day
  • Heating allowance: Eligible customers can save $56 per year on heating costs
  • Life support concession: Daily discount offered to customers who rely on an eligible life support device
  • Medical cooling or heating concession: Daily discount offered to eligible customers who rely on temperature regulation for a medical condition

Tips for TAS electricity customers

  • Compare electricity prices regularly to find the best electricity rate in TAS
  • Explore any available concessions that you may be eligible for
  • Ask your supplier about extra discounts that may be available to you when combining services
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