Electricity Comparison in South Australia


South Australia relies on both renewable and nonrenewable sources for its electricity. It is the only state besides Tasmania that does not generate the majority of its electricity through coal. There is only one primary electricity distributor, SA Power Networks, though at times of high demand remote regions may derive power from other organisations.

Energy in South Australia was deregulated in 2002, and competition continues to grow. Energy suppliers in SA include:

The SA government is investing funds in programs aimed at increasing competition, developing new energy sources, and ultimately creating cheaper electricity in South Australia. Extreme weather in the state contributes to its fluctuating energy prices, as it frequently experiences sudden high demand for electricity. These costs are passed onto consumers during yearly price hikes that are intended to cover the predicted cost to suppliers due to demand spikes during the year.

Electricity savings in SA

There are a number of in-state options for electricity suppliers in SA, therefore customers have more choice when it comes to an electricity rate comparison in SA. Suppliers have to compete for your business, which means a lower electricity rate in SA. Avoid overpaying electricity in SA by shopping around for the best deal.

South Australia also offers a range of concessions for low income earners, pensioners, and concession card holders. Ask your supplier about eligibility and application forms for the following:

  • Energy bill concession: supplements electricity and gas payments up to $215 per year
  • Medical heating and cooling concession: Eligible customers with qualifying medical conditions requiring heating or cooling can receive $215 per year
  • Cost of living concession: Assists low-income customers with electricity costs
  • Residential park resident concession: Concession for eligible residents of a residential or caravan park to assist with energy bills
  • Home dialysis electricity concession: Patients who receive kidney dialysis treatment at home may receive $165 per year

Tips for SA electricity customers

  • Compare electricity suppliers in SA to find the best deal
  • Ask your supplier about possible concessions to electricity bills in SA
  • Ask your supplier about bundling discounts with other energy types, such as gas or solar
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