Click Energy

  • Click Energy is an online-only energy retailer that provides electricity to residents of Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, and South Australia. Gas plans are available through Click in Victoria and New South Wales.
  • Click market plans include conditional pay-on-time discounts that don’t expire. This means you can keep your discount for the life of your plans.
  • There are also some solar electricity offerings from click, which include competitive feed-in tariff rates and conditional pay-on-time discounts.

Click Energy provides energy plans to residents of Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, and South Australia. They update their plans quite frequently, so if you’ve looked into Click Energy in the past, you might notice some changes to their current offerings.

Electricity Plans

Click offers electricity plans to every state in which they operate. You can purchase a Click electricity plan in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, and South Australia.

All Click Energy electricity plans include a conditional pay-on-time discount for the life of the plan. The amount you’ll save depends on your location and the package you select, but they require you to receive your bills via email and pay by either BPAY, direct debit, phone, or online.

All of these plans also include no contract exit fees and no contract term, meaning you can cancel or switch plans at any time.

  • Click Agate

    Agate offers the largest electricity discount for each state.

    Ahead is a breakdown of the Click Agate discount by state. You will need to meet the above-listed conditions and pay your bill on time to receive these discounts off of your usage and supply charges.

  • Click Move

    Click Move offers a 7% discount off of your usage and supply charges in every state in which Click operates. The rest of the pricing and terms are the same as they are for the Click Agate plan.

  • Natural

    The Click Energy Natural plan doesn’t offer a conditional discount like the other two, but it allows customers to cut their emissions by a certain percentage each month.

    This is a plan tailored to environmentally-conscious customers who don’t have solar panels. You can reduce your emissions by 25% by choosing the Click Natural plan.

  • Standing Offer

    Click also offers customers the option of choosing a standing offer, which is a rate that is usually set by the government. These energy rates are higher than market offers and don’t include a discount, but aren’t subject to change as often as market offers.

    These rates can’t change more than once in a six-month period.

Gas Plans

Click only offers gas plans to residents and businesses in Victoria and New South Wales. There are no contract terms or exit fees with Click gas plans, similar to the case with electricity from Click.

There aren’t any smart gas readers, so you’ll pay a set amount for a monthly bill, then receive an actual or estimated bill every two months. Click will subtract your monthly payments from your final gas bill when they send it to you.

We listed the residential options for Click gas below by state.

  • Victoria Gas Plans

    Click offers the widest variety of gas plans in Victoria. They all provide conditional pay-on-time discounts on your usage and supply charges.

    • Lilac: 26% pay-on-time discount
    • Magenta: 21% pay-on-time discount
    • Move Gas: 7% pay-on-time discount

    Click also allows customers to choose a standing offer if they prefer standard over market rates.

  • New South Wales Gas Plans

    New South Wales residents can choose between Lavender and Move Gas for market gas rates. Move Gas provides a 7% pay-on-time discount, and Lavender allows customers to save 11% when they pay-on-time.

The unique part about the Click Energy pay-on-time discounts is that they don’t expire. Some other energy retailers put a one or two year time-limit on their discounts, but Click allows you to keep them through the life of your plan.

In addition to the pay-on-time discounts you can see in the above section, Click publishes frequent promotional codes and referral bonuses.

Currently, new customers in New South Wales, South Australia, and Victoria can receive a $50 bill credit with a signup promotional code.

Click Energy is an online-only company, which means their customer service needs to be top-notch. They are currently one of the largest energy retailers in Queensland and have a few awards to their name for their work in the area.

The standout area for Click Energy is in their solar offerings. Canstar awarded them five stars in 2016 for value for money, customer service, and range of plans in the solar category.

The Energy and Water Ombudsman Queensland also found that Click delivered a complaint-to-customer ration that was 70% below the industry average.

Click offers solar plans to customers in all states in which it operates. They have competitive feed-in tariffs that vary depending on the state but are usually some of the highest you’ll find in the market.

The solar electricity plans through Click are called Solar and Solar Light. These all include conditional pay-on-time discounts similar to the Click standard market electricity and gas plans.

Click also offer a Solar Bright package to residents in Queensland, which does not provide a pay-on-time discount.

Click Energy handles their billing process a bit different than other electricity and gas retailers. Instead of billing customers every quarter, Click uses monthly billing to help reduce the impact a quarterly bill can have on your budget.

Click will read your smart meter each month to send you an accurate bill, meaning you will pay for the energy you used the previous month. Those who don’t have a smart meter will pay an agreed-upon price (usually around $100) for the first two months of the quarter.

On the third month of the quarter – after an agent reads your meter – they will send you a bill for your energy usage. They will subtract your first two payments and send you a bill for whatever is left over.

Although you can pay your Click bill through a variety of sources, the discounts require you to pay through BPAY, direct debit, phone, or internet. They also push you towards receiving your bills via email.

Click makes transferring energy to a new home simple. All you have to do is call them at least three days before your move with the following information:

  • Click Energy account number
  • Move out date
  • Contact information
  • New address
  • Identification

If you’re moving in two days or less, call them, and their representatives will do their best to make sure they transfer your power before you move in.

Contact Form:

Customer Service: 1800 775 929 (Monday – Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm AEST)

Mailing Address: Click Energy
Level 1, 90 Collins St,
Melbourne VIC 3000,