Saving Energy Room by Room


Now that winter is here, you’ll likely see your energy bill start to rise. Fortunately, there are several energy saving tips you can use to limit your energy output and save you money.

We’ve compiled a room-by-room breakdown of energy saving tips, so you can cut your energy bill no matter where you spend your time.


The kitchen is probably the place in your home that uses the most energy. Follow some of these energy-saving tips to keep your kitchen running without draining your wallet.



You probably don’t use as much energy in your bedroom as you do in other places, but there are still a few energy saving tips you can use to lower your energy consumption even further.



The bathroom uses plenty of energy, all year round, in the form of water and electricity. Use these energy-saving tips while showering, washing up and getting ready to help limit your energy usage in the bathroom.


Living Room

Most people spend the bulk of their time at home in the living room, which means the energy usage in the living room will probably be high. These energy savings tips should help limit your usage while enjoying the living room.



Washing machines and dryers are often the most energy-hungry appliances in your home. Updating your machines and using these energy savings tips can save you money when it’s time to clean and dry your clothes.