Giving Your Business The Power To Save On Energy


It’s no surprise to business owners that energy costs have gone through the roof. In the wake of the 2017 price hikes some businesses are paying as much as 120% more compared to only a 20% increase for households.

It has become common knowledge that your choice of energy supplier can cost you thousands of dollars every year, with there being a huge price gap between the best and worst available offers. Despite this, 85% of business owners that use our service are currently overpaying for their energy, with most unaware that they could have been paying less.

Our business energy experts can not only review your current energy rates and contract terms, they can also use our collective buying power to negotiate a more aggressive energy rate for your business.

At Electricity and Gas we know how difficult it can be for time-poor business owners to dissect their bills and identify their savings, and we know how to help them find a better deal.

The Australian energy market regulators recommend that Aussies review their bills every year, but we know that most business owners don’t have the time to do this. Our service is specially designed to make saving on business energy simple, quick and effective.

You get access to no markup policies from energy providers across Australia, making it easy to find great energy deals in your area, all cost and obligation free.

In the past year we identified over $10.2 million in savings for our business customers and helped them to compare, switch and save. Cheaper energy bills are only a few clicks away. Why not join them?