Last updated on 6th November 2020

Thousands of Aussies ditching big energy companies for cheaper, local alternatives


Thousands saving up to $430 on energy costs — compare today!

Affordable energy continues to be a top concern for many seniors and cost-wary Aussie battlers, with most households feeling the pressure of rising energy costs for a number of years now.

Recent changes to retailer pricing and advertising came into effect on July 1st 2019. These reforms had two main objectives:

  1. Reduce the rising costs for standing offers, which are the default electricity plans for consumers who don’t compare and save with market offers.
  2. Improve the ability for consumers to compare prices and identify the best deals across all market offers, which are contracts that can include discounts, sign-up incentives, and more competitive rates.

For consumers, this means that shopping around can potentially result in significant savings, especially with smaller energy companies. That’s why last month alone over 40,000 Aussies have used to compare and save on their energy costs. With these new changes, some Aussies are finding that their costs have decreased by as much as $430.

Compare Now:

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Customers who do shop around and compare should consider looking at smaller energy companies. A recent report by the ACCC found that these smaller electricity companies are providing some of the best deals available.

Almost a million Aussies have already seen some savings to their electricity bills, but the ACCC suggests that most people can receive additional savings by shopping around and comparing market offers with smaller electricity retailers.

If you’re not on a market offer energy plan, it’s likely that you may be paying the maximum a retailer can charge you for electricity. With these new changes, there’s no reason to keep overpaying on your energy bill due to the “loyalty tax” a lot of Aussies face by not comparing services.

Last year almost 400,000 Aussies chose to help them compare, switch and save. Now it’s your turn — your savings are only a few clicks away.

[1] ACCC,
[2]According to average customer data provided by Thought World in May 2018. Figure based on previous customer data and could change on a customer to customer basis.

This article is opinion only and should not be taken as financial advice.

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