The price of loyalty: Are you losing hundreds by sticking to one energy supplier?

When was the last time you compared energy plans? If your answer is “a year ago”, or longer, you could be paying too much. In fact, an average energy user who stays loyal to the most expensive supplier will end up paying $1,500 more every year than someone who’s with the cheapest supplier*

Ouch. That’s why it’s so important to shop around. Remember that what worked for you last year may not benefit you again this year.

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We get it—it’s difficult to monitor the energy market on your own, as new deals come about on a regular basis. How do you know which plans are offering the best value right now?

At, we make it easy to understand the options that are available in your area, from a panel that includes suppliers both big and small. Our goal is to make home energy affordable for all Australians, through tools that make bargain shopping for energy quick, simple and effective.

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Over the last decade, power bills in Australia have gone up a staggering 44%**. While this is partly due to increased network costs, retail costs from energy companies have risen so high that they can now represent up to 40% of the total cost of your bill^.

Because energy companies determine these costs themselves, your choice of supplier is what determines whether or not you pay more than you have to.

The harsh reality is, when Aussies stay loyal to their supplier, the only winner is the energy companies.

“Market deregulation was supposed to reduce costs and make energy more affordable for everyday Aussies,” says an spokesperson. “But the reality we have seen is incredible deals for some contrasted with complete rip-offs for others. It’s just not fair for the people stuck with the raw end of the deal.”

“That’s why we started, because, with prices on the rise, we think all Aussies deserve the chance to find a better deal. How can you benefit from market competition if you don’t have an easy way to shop around?”

When you use, you’ll gain access to our large-scale bargaining power alongside no-markup policies from energy providers across Australia, making it easy to find the best deals in your area. This service makes comparison shopping for energy easy, and best of all it’s totally cost and obligation free.

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* Figure from the Australian Energy Market Commission for South Australians switching from the worst to the best available offer
**Figure adjusted for inflation
^Price Shock: Is the retail electricity market failing consumers’ Report, The Grattan Institute. Figure for Victorian electricity bills.

This article is opinion only and should not be taken as medical or financial advice. Check with a financial professional before making any decisions.

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