Last updated on 18th December 2020

New Consumer Report Shows Aussie Households Could Be Paying 20% Extra For Power

If you haven’t done anything about your rising bills, this could come as a shock.


First, the good news. A new report from The Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribune (IPART) has found that power bills may finally be falling from their historic highs. That’s because, with more competitors entering the market, retailers have been forced to up their game and drop their prices.

But the report also contained a real shock for households that haven’t been shopping around for power. IPART found that customers who hadn’t explored their options could be paying 20% more than those who have*.

That means that regardless of how good a deal you think you may be getting, if you’re not engaging with the market, it’s likely that you will miss out. It’s a complete change from the days when energy prices were regulated, but it’s one that can be a huge benefit to those who are willing to change the way they shop.

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In its review, IPART found that the average annual NSW power bill was $1,832 in July 2018, a 0.2 per cent increase from the previous month. At the same time, nationally the average bill has risen by 12% in the last year**.

But the story of averages is a two-sided coin, and one that shouldn’t make you feel defeated. While prices have been on the rise, the gap between market offers continues to widen, with bargain offers providing great value to those who know how to find them.

This recent report from IPART has confirmed that competition between retailers is certainly heating up. And when we look to the future, the more that consumers refuse to simply cop unreasonable prices by switching to better offers, the more prices will continue to fall.

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*Bill shock: Households could be paying 20% more than needed for power’, The Sydney Morning Herald
** ‘Electricity prices jump 12 per cent, six times the average pay rise’, The Sydney Morning Herald

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