Last updated on 18th December 2020

How the recent federal election could affect your energy bill.

How the change in government will impact your electricity and gas bill, and why you need to compare now..


You may be shocked when you see your next energy bill.

We are paying 44 percent more for electricity than we did ten years ago… and energy prices continue to rise year after year.

The recent federal election has put our politicians in the spotlight to take action against the crisis. However, Labor’s bold focus on climate change may end up costing us more. Make sure you’re on top of your electricity and gas bill and compare your options now.

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The Labor Government’s climate change action plan has an ambitious target to reduce Australia’s pollution by 45 percent by 2030, and net zero pollution by 2050.

Yes, we need to take serious action on climate change – but this plan could potentially devastate the Australian economy.  

Shocking statistics have been revealed from a recent report published by one of Australia’s leading economic consulting firms, BAEconomics.

The report claims Labor’s big move on climate change will have a devastating impact on Australia’s economy, wages and electricity prices.

Under Labor’s aggressive plan, agriculture, manufacturing, coal mining, construction, oil and gas production, and transport industries will pay a heavy price – hitting regional economies that depend on these industries even harder.  

The study predicts real wages to fall approximately $24,000 less than they otherwise would be in 2030.

It has also calculated an increase to wholesale electricity prices from 58 percent to a whopping 94 percent increase.

Labor’s move to invest in renewable energy and batteries will hopefully cut back energy bills. According to the plan, Labor will encourage people to install solar batteries with a $2000 rebate for 100,000 households.

Another goal of Labor’s climate change action plan is to increase electric car ownership with half the cars sold in Australia to be electric by 2025.

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