Last updated on 18th December 2020

Household Electricity Spending Hits Record High: What Aussies Should Do Next [New Report]

With prices so high, Aussies are being urged to check this one simple thing.


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Energy bills are more difficult to manage than they’ve ever been before. A recent update from the Australian Bureau of Statistics has shown that Aussies are now spending a record high proportion of their income just to keep the lights on.

In 2018, the cost of electricity rose to a record 2.5% of total household spending, increasing from just 1.6% in 2005*. That means we’re using an increasing share of our income to pay for an essential service, leaving less left over to spend on the things we actually want to use more of.

This latest revelation comes as the number of households being disconnected for failing to pay their bills rises, as does the number of consumers entering into hardship programs to get on top of their bills**.

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The Federal Energy Minister Angus Taylor admitted that the price Aussies are paying for energy has become unreasonable, while outlining the steps the government is taking to reduce prices.

“Australians are simply paying too much for their energy and that is why the government has taken a number of strong steps to drive down power prices, and ensure affordable, reliable 24/7 power,” he said.***

So far, some of the major providers in the energy market have included a discount for concession customers who are on a standing offer.

A standing offer is the pricing scheme a customer is defaulted to once their initial market offer expires. A market offer is typically a one or two year contract that offers a cheaper rate than the standing offer.

Market offers are the rates you’ll see advertised by energy retailers. Those who are on standing offers have either never signed up for a market offer, or were on an offer that has since expired.

While an automatic discount on standing offers for Aussies on concessions is a great step forward, there are still millions of Australians who could be saving on energy.

Prices have been on the rise, and the price gap between standing and market offers is significant. There are bargain offers available that provide great value to those who know how to find them.

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*’Yes, you are spending more on your power bill’, The Sydney Morning Herald.

This article is opinion only and should not be taken as financial advice.