Last updated on 18th December 2020

Have you checked your bills? Aussies sent reeling by power price hikes

Aussies are feeling bill shock like never before as the first quarterly bills since July 1 rate rise roll in


New Comparison Service Helps Aussies Save Big on Energy Plans

The average annual energy price increase of $350 is sending people reeling as even small power users see a huge increase in their quarterly bills. Australians are responding with rage as they see the devastating impact of the July 1 price hike hit their mailboxes.

If you’re shocked by what you’ve seen it’s important to note that this latest billing period only includes a month under the higher rates. This means you could be up for even more punishment when the next bill rolls in. With new comparison service it’s easy to access the best deals in your area, all in one place.

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Using the service, Australians can compare multiple energy and gas providers and their pricing all in the one place. The service saves time, but the biggest benefit for most are the dollar savings. The comparison service shows you upfront who has the best energy package deal and how that deal compares to others on the market.

Some Aussies are seeing rises as high as 25 per cent coming through on their bills, with multiple receiving charges over $1000. With no sign of prices going down people are being urged to review their policy and make sure they’re on the best possible rate for them.

In a recent speech Rod Sims, the chairman of the ACCC reported that, “the retail electricity market is…characterised by very wide price dispersion (a consumer can save hundreds of dollars by moving from the worst to the best offer), and great complexity (the best offers can be hard to find).”

Retail margins (that is, profit for the energy companies) alone have accounted for 24 per cent of the increase in electricity prices. Only recently has the government scrapped a review process for network charges that had added $11 billion to consumer bills since 2008.

At the same time there have been disturbing reports a NSW supplier spending $1.7 million to fight price cuts that would have saved the average household $313 a year. Aussies simply can’t afford to not take power back from these companies.

That’s why we started Because with prices on the rise, we think all Aussies deserve the chance to find a better deal. Why should you be paying more for the exact same product when there could be a better offer? We find you the best plans in your area, and take the hassle out of comparing.

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