Last updated on 5th November 2019

Energy prices still rising despite attempt to end the ‘loyalty tax’

Something’s gotta give before Aussies fight back…

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Australia has a power system “10 times more reliable than it needs to be.” So why are consumers still paying top dollar?

Even after the recent attempt to save you from the ‘loyalty tax’—the price customers often pay for not shopping around and staying with their current retailer who “re-prices” them to a more expensive option—energy prices are still rising.

The Government’s Default Market Offer (DMO) reforms started on July 1. They were supposed to put an end to outrageously expensive standing offers and false discounting across the retail energy market.

Instead, it seems the situation has only become worse. Power prices are skyrocketing back to the levels they were over a year ago.

The reregulation of the market has seen power prices rise and competition between rival suppliers slow down. That’s not a recipe for consumer satisfaction. Why has this been the case?

The DMO was supposed to work like a price cap, but it’s become more of a price comparison model instead. The DMO may be the default price, but it’s not necessarily the most competitive price for consumers on the old and expensive standing offers.

This means many Aussies might have to end up forking out more in the coming months.

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Similar differences can be seen across central business districts in other states, too. Bear in mind, however, that this does not represent prices across other areas in the states.

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