Last updated on 18th December 2020

Aussies paying highest energy prices in the world


New Comparison Service Helps Aussies Save Big on Energy Plans

As of 1 July, the highest power prices in the world are right here in Australia, where people are paying more than electricity is worth. Energy experts have pegged South Australia as having the world’s most expensive power prices, and the rest of the country isn’t far behind.

A fair price on energy seems like a pipe dream for many Australians, who count electricity and gas prices among their top concerns.*

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Prices are up for a number of reasons, like rising wholesale gas prices that trickle down to consumers. The irony of these high prices is that Australia produces high volumes of gas. So high, in fact, that it is poised to be the world’s top gas exporter within three years.

Most of this gas is shipped to countries overseas, where people are actually paying less for Australian gas than Australians are. Research shows that Australian households pay up to 65 percent more for their gas than a Japanese household using Australian gas.**

When Australian gas producers lose money on their global gas exports, it’s everyday Australians who suffer. Since companies aren’t required to tell us how much gas they have in reserve, there is a major lack of transparency when it comes to domestic energy pricing.

So how do you know whether or not you’re paying a fair price on your electricity and gas? The sad truth is that if you live in Australia, you’re probably being overcharged no matter what. However, there is a way to stay on top of energy prices in your area to keep your costs as low as possible.

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