Last updated on 24th September 2019

Aussies beating the winter blues by saving hundreds on energy bills

In some cases, it pays to be loyal. When it comes to energy suppliers, not so much.

Compare today and discover what you could save!

If rising energy prices in recent years weren’t bad enough, winter is officially here to stir things up some more. The average household in NSW pays around $600 in winter, compared to around $450 in summer^, with other states seeing heating related increases too.

Government rebates are available to take the edge off your winter blues, though recent data* shows a whopping 450,000 eligible customers are yet to take up the support**.

What’s more surprising is that despite Australia’s ‘loyalty tax’—losing money as a result of sticking to one energy plan or supplier—some Aussie consumers are yet to make the move to a fairer deal. Many don’t know how the process of comparing plans works or what savings they’re eligible for.

Using the tool below, you can get a quick snapshot of where your energy plan stands. The tool lets you compare energy plans, for free, in a matter of minutes from a panel of leading Australian suppliers, both small and large. Many customers who use Electricity and Gas end up shaving hundreds off of their energy bills per year.

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Energy rebates are saving Aussies even more

Once you’ve compared, you can be confident you’re on the right energy plan for your needs at the best price. But could you save even more?

Energy rebates saved 900,000 NSW households almost $300 million in total—and that’s just in one state***. Take a look at eligible rebates in your area to see if there’s any further assistance available to your household:

The sweet spot: Review your plan annually

Many Aussies have the “set it and forget it” mindset when it comes to their energy plan. You may have signed up with an energy supplier on a juicy up-front deal, and five or more years later still be on the same plan without batting an eyelid.

The problem? Energy prices from major companies tend to shift greatly from year to year. You might see a small rise or drop one year, then a massive hike the next, so checking in with your energy plan once a year is optimal.

If, on the other hand, you ‘set it and forget it’, you’re likely paying much more than you need to simply by being on an outdated plan. Don’t leave money on the table, especially in winter when prices can soar.

Electricity and Gas is dedicated to finding the best plan for your household energy needs this winter so that you can stay cosy without stretching the budget. Plug in a few basic details and receive a free quote in minutes.

This article is opinion only and should not be taken as financial advice.

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