Alinta Energy


Are you thinking about choosing Alinta Energy as your electricity and/or gas supplier? They operate in NSW, SA, VIC and WA, and have won prestigious awards for their electricity plans in NSW and SA. They only deal with natural gas in WA and do not offer electricity plans to customers in this state.

Alinta Energy Plans

Fair Deal 20

The Fair Deal 20 plan is available for residential customers in NSW and SA and has won the Mozo Experts Choice Award for Best Value Electricity plan in both states. There is no contract connected to this energy plan, and no exit fees if you choose to move on from them.

In both states, this Alinta energy plan offers 20% off electricity usage and 10% off gas charges if you choose to bundle your gas too. These discounts are given for paying your Alinta electricity bills (and if applicable, your Alinta gas bills) on time and in full.

Fair Deal 37

For VIC customers, the Fair Deal 37 plan offers 37% off electricity charges and 10% off gas charges.  As with the Fair Deal 20 plan, these discounts are available for paying Atlina electricity bills and/or Atlinta gas bills in full and on time.

They also have Standard Retail Contracts for electricity customers in NSW, VIC and SA.

Alinta Natural Gas

Alinta Energy does not sell electricity in WA and natural gas is the only option for customers in this state.

There are no specific energy plans for natural gas customers. They have tariffs for different parts of WA, including Albany, Kalgoorlie-Boulder and the Coastal (Metropolitan) Region. Tariffs vary depending on the area so what you are charged will depend on the part of WA you live in.

Alinta Solar Energy

Alinta Energy are committed to offering affordable solar energy for customers in WA, VIC and SA.

In SA, the feed-in tariff for excess energy that you generate which is then sold back to the grid is 6.8 cents per kWh. In VIC the feed-in tariff is 5 cents per kWh.

Customers in some parts of WA can buy Alinta Energy Solar PV systems, which have 5 years retailer warranty. If you are not sure whether solar energy is right for you, their Perth based expert solar team can guide you through the process.

Alinta Energy Bills

Customers can pay Alinta energy bills online with their credit card (Mastercard, VISA and American Express are all accepted). There is a 0.7% surcharge added to credit card payments

If you do not want to pay your Alinta energy bills online, you can pay via Direct Debit, BPay, cheque, over the phone or in person at a Post Office instead.

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