Alinta Energy Guide

  • Alinta provides energy plans for residents of VIC, WA, SA, NSW, and QLD. Electricity is available in all states but WA and natural gas is available in all states except QLD.
  • Alinta has a different energy plan for each state, so you’ll save more money depending on where you live.
  • There are multiple ways you can pay your bills through Alinta, meaning you can choose which method works best for you.
  • Moving homes with Alinta Energy is as easy as making a phone call – provided that you’re staying in an area where Alinta provides both electricity and gas.

Alinta Energy provides energy plans for homes and businesses in Victoria, Western Australia, South Australia, New South Wales, and Queensland.

Natural gas is available in all five states except Queensland, and electricity is available in all states but WA

Fair Deal 25

Alinta offers the Fair Deal 25 plan exclusively to residents of South Australia. With this plan, you’ll receive a 25% pay-on-time discount on your electricity bill.

There are no lock-in contracts with this plan like the rest of the Alinta electricity plans. Similarly, there’s no fee for cancelling your plan.

If you decide to bundle natural gas with Fair Deal 25, you’ll receive 12% off of your gas bill.

Fair Deal 27

Fair Deal 27 is available to Alinta customers who live in New South Wales. This deal has the same conditions as the Fair Deal 25 plan for SA customers, but NSW customers receive 2% more of a pay-on-time discount.

Similarly, you’ll receive 6% more savings (18% total) if you bundle your natural gas plan with Fair Deal 27.

Fair Deal 43

Customers in Victoria receive the biggest electricity and gas discount from Alinta Energy. If you live in this area, you’ll receive 43% off your electricity usage for paying on time, and 25% off your gas bill when you bundle natural gas with electricity.

The terms are the same for Victoria customers. There’s no exit fee and no lock-in contract.

Home SaverPlus 28

Home SaverPlus is the electricity plan for residents of Queensland. You’ll have flexible payment options with this plan and won’t incur any credit card fees if you pay with American Express.

Like the above plans, Home SaverPlus gives you the opportunity to save 28% off of your electricity bill for up to two years when you pay on time.

Alinta doesn’t offer any natural gas plans to Queensland residents.

Fair Go 25

Fair Go 25 is one of the natural gas plans Alinta offers to WA residents. You’ll receive 25% off of your gas usage, with similar notable terms as the above-listed energy plans Alinta offers in other states.

Home Capped Gas Plan

The Home Capped Gas Plan is for customers who live in WA and know how much gas they use in a year. It allows you to save some money and know how much you’ll have to pay each billing cycle.

Hotel Transylvania

Alinta Energy gives participating families a chance to win one of 30 family passes to see the animated film Hotel Transylvania by Sony Pictures. A winning package will give you up to four tickets to the movie.

Peter Rabbit

Alinta Energy teamed up with the new Peter Rabbit movie to offer customers the chance to win family passes to the opening.

Movie Deals

Along with their frequent family-friendly movie competitions, Alinta offers customers discounts on a variety of movie tickets. If you’re an Alinta customer and planning on seeing a new movie, it’s a good idea to check the Alinta website first to see if they offer any discount.

Alinta currently produces energy for around 800,000 customers in Australia. They’ve been providing electricity and gas for over 20 years, so they have a substantial track record behind them.

More recently, Alinta has made their products more appealing for those who have solar panels on their homes.

Alinta also aims to make their powers some of the most affordable in the market. Their pay-on-time and bundle discounts are hard to match – even when you compare them against some of the cheapest energy retailers in your state.

Alinta Energy is happy to buy back some of the energy you create through your solar panels. The amount they pay is based on where you live, and you might need to inquire for more information.

As of this writing, Alinta pays 6.8 cents per kWh for SA residents and 6.1 cents per kWh for those living in NSW. QLD and VIC residents receive the best rate at 11 cents per kWh.

If you live in Western Australia, you can purchase PV solar panels directly from Alinta Energy.

Alinta offers their customers several ways to pay their bills and allow them to choose the method that works best for their schedule.

Online/Phone Bill Pay

You can pay your bill through the Alina Energy website through their Online Bill Pay portal. For this, you’ll need your bill amount and Alinta Energy Reference Number (found on the top-right of your bill).

You can pay with a credit card here if you have MasterCard, Visa, or American Express.

If you live in Western Australia, you can call their 24-hour bill pay number (1300 360 900), or pay through a separate online gas portal. You will have to pay a 0.7% fee for paying this way (WA only).


Log into your bank account online and choose the BPay feature. You’ll find your Biller Code and Reference number on the bottom-left corner of your Alinta bill. Enter these numbers when your banking website prompts you.

Direct Debit

Set up direct debit with Alinta Energy to have them take the money out of your account each month. You can fill out a form through your online account or choose to print it, fill it out, and send it back to them via email, fax, or regular mail.

Of course, you need all of your applicable account information if you’re setting up a direct debit payment method with Alinta.

You can choose when you pay monthly instalments, but you must pay quarterly instalments on a set date.

In Person

Pay by cash, cheque, or EFTPOS at any post office with your Alinta Energy account information..

By Mail

Mail a cheque to the applicable mailing address listed in the “Contact Info” section below. Include the payment options slip you receive from Alinta along with your cheque.

A simple phone call will be enough to transfer your Alinta energy account to your new home, provided that you’re moving to a location where Alinta offers the same energy and gas plans. If you move to Western Australia, for instance, you can’t retain your energy plan.

Call your local Alinta number and tell them your account information, current address, and new address. They’ll shut off the power to your old home and set you up with energy in the new home before you move in.

You can also inquire about switching energy plans when you’re making a move. Ask the customer service representative about your options when you call to disconnect and reconnect your energy.


Phone: 13 13 58 (WA)
13 37 02 (NSW, QLD, VIC, SA)

Fax: 1800 651 161 (WA)
1300 781 235(NSW, QLD, VIC, SA)


Mailing Address:

Alinta Energy
Locked Bag 55
Perth WA BC 6849

Alinta Energy
PO Box 16196
Collins Street West VIC 8007

Monday – Friday 7AM-7PM
Saturday: 8AM-12PM
(Local time)