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What to look for in a provider

Tuesday, February 9 2016

For consumers living in Queensland, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory or South Australia, there is plenty of scope for shopping around to find a utility provider that ticks all of the right boxes. With free reign in choosing both your gas and electric provider(s) in these states, the choice can often be overwhelming. If you’ve not previously looked to go beyond the default provider in your area, we can help you to find other options are available to you.

For consumers in Tasmania, Western Australia and Northern Territory, you don’t have as wide freedom to choose gas or electricity provider. But call us and we could still find a better deal for you.

Non-Green Energy Providers

Australia is committing itself to implementing more renewable energy in the next decade but at the moment, most energy providers are still predominantly focused on “traditional” energy. Green energy plans and products are becoming more common and most Australian energy providers now offer these as well.

Green Energy Providers

“Green” (or renewable) energy is becoming increasingly popular and some utility providers are now specialising in offering green gas and electricity plans. Green energy uses natural resources such as solar and wind power and as it doesn’t involve burning fossil fuels, it’s much kinder to the environment.